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See Your Most Powerful Self

Updated on May 12, 2016

Something so powerful it will revolutionize your life.

It is somewhat hidden, but constantly before you.

You are drawn away from it without your knowledge.

It is taken away daily and you easily allow it.

You don't understand how precious it is.

Why Have You Allowed Something So Precious To Be Taken Away So Easily?

You're not happy because you realize something is missing in your life.

Discover the missing pieces.

It's like possessing a rare coin, but not realizing what it's worth.

You carry it around mixing it with other coins with knowing its value.

How tragic!

What you have is the PRESENT.

It can be easily overlooked if you're not focused on it.

It is lost when your attention is placed on what has happened in the Past.

It is taken when you're so concerned with what will happen in the Future.

All you have is Right Here & Right Now!

Cherish each and every moment.

No one can take this very moment you're experiencing right now.

You may find yourself focused on what has happened in the past or what you want to happen in the future and this my friend takes away the joy of the moment.

This is so often the case.

See Your Most Powerful Self

Sit back and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Smell the roses!

We are focused on the past and fearful of the future when the PRESENT is a gift to you.

It is something so AWESOME to behold.

Slow down long enough to experience the HERE and NOW.

Begin the journey back to Peace where you will discover you most powerful self.


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