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See a Goddess in the Mirror

Updated on February 13, 2010

Holistic well-being is achievable when you merge the three crucial aspects of body, mind and spirit. That is, to be successful with learning to love your body you must look after it, align your attitude to self-appreciation, and draw on your authentic power within.

As such, this article reinforces why it is so important to like yourself in order to achieve a healthy life and robust body. A healthy attitude is a vital ingredient in this matrix; it contributes to well-being in so many ways, at so many levels, but let’s begin with this little analogy.

The woman who stands in front of her mirror every morning and trash-talks her reflection, is the woman who goes to work and pigs out on the morning tea doughnuts. “I’m fat and ugly anyway,” she reminds herself, “six doughnuts won’t matter.”

Oh, there might be a day when she denies herself any treats as a means of control. But deep down she knows that the more she resists the more she becomes obsessed with the sacrifice and the more likely she will gorge on it later. This woman’s attitude is one of self-loathing, and keeps her in the ‘fat loop’.

The woman who stands in front of the mirror and says nice things to her reflection, on the other hand, is pouring self-respect through every cell of her body. This self-respect filters through to her actions and choices through-out the day. When the doughnuts are put on the staff room table, she takes only one, enjoying her first bite because it is a treat, not trash. She may not even finish the doughnut, knowing that sometimes, one taste is enough. This woman’s attitude is one of self-appreciation.

So the single-most important thing you can do each morning as you start each day, is to look in the mirror and affirm nice things about yourself. It's really the easiest way to set your attitude up to one of self-appreciation - before the "uggghhh factor" sets in, that cynical voice that works to drag you back in the loop of self-loathing.

Here are some very simple exercises you can start with, from my book,The Goddess DIET, See a Goddess in the Mirror in 21 Days.

Empowerment Tools: Beauty Is As Beauty Does

  1. Begin by looking into a mirror several times every day. Hold your own gaze for a short period of time, and say meaningfully, “You are beautiful,” or, 
“Hello beautiful goddess.”
  2. When you step out of the shower, create your own Personal Power Pose in the mirror. Start with your hands together over your head, relax your shoulders, and then move your arms, legs and body until you settle into a natural pose. Say directly to your gaze, “You are goddess.”
  3. This one might get you giggling, but that’s OK. Start by framing your foot with your hands. Move your hands around it saying, 
“I love my foot, my beautiful foot.” Repeat this for your calves, your knees, and for every part of your body until you get to the top. Repeat any time you need a morale boost.
  4. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Focussing on a spare tyre only adds weight to the issue, (boom boom). Express gratitude to your beautiful bits by affirming your reflection, and watch these ‘bits’ take precedence. When you lose attachment to ‘ugliness’, it loses it grip on you. Your body can then settle into its own perfect size, naturally and beautifully.


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    • profile image

      Nicole  6 years ago

      OMG, this is Surreal i woke up this morning, was brushing my hair after my shower looked in the mirrior and thought to myself you are beautiful justg the way you are and smiled.

      Then to read this was a great booster..



    • Ask Queenmother profile image

      Ask Queenmother 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Greetings Queen Mother Anita,

      I am glad that you are here with the positive messages for the world, this is a message that I will share with my people that need self healing techniques. I am honored that you read my hubpages. Thank you for your gift of love. Your Ase (power) of Light and Loving Spirit is a great resource to the world.


      Queen Mother Darlene Dawson

      Awo IyaFalola

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 8 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      I can see how many people, men and women, would benefit from the positivity of this article Anita! My wife and I were married outdoors with a wonderful Celebrant/Officiant in a Native American style. When applying for the license the State Bureaucrat asked us what our Officiant's "title" was, we said, "Officiant" and she was visibly perturbed, we just sort of giggled. I like Celebrant, I am going to use that in the future! Cheers!