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Self Acquaintance Awareness Acclimation Awakens Ultimate Universal Unconstrained Unity

Updated on October 13, 2010
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MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Inhabiting the Evolving Personality of Social Change

When I was a small girl, my family was not affluent enough to own a washing machine or dryer. So every Saturday, I, along with my younger brothers and sisters would accompany my mother to the local ‘laundry mat’.

I remember sitting in the wobbly plastic faded off-white dingy metal chair while my mother loaded the quarter machines with as many clothes as she could pack in. When the cycle was complete, she would place them in large dime dryers.

It was ‘then and there’ I got to watch the world spin ‘round and round’ making a most soothing sound. I could have sat in that one spot for hours simply watching the multi-colored clothes turning over and over.

I saw the many fabrics, shapes and sizes being tossed, turned, and jumbled faster and faster as they dried, until the dryer came to an abrupt stop, signaling they were completely dry…Maybe.

So many different types of people came to the same ‘laundry mat’ to wash and dry their clothes. I used to watch the families as they piled in lugging their raggedy wooden laundry baskets, and pillow cases full of dirty clothes.

I wondered where they lived, what the mama did (was she, in fact, a good mother) and what kind of job the daddy had; but most of all, why they didn’t have a washer and dryer. I distinctively remember thinking that everyone in the whole wide world had to dry clothes, too.

I wondered how many of them went to the laundry mat in China, Russia, or South America or if they even had such places.

The indelibly implanted memories of wet stench, soiled clothes, and molded scented floors are vivid ones. I would close my eyes and imagine how, when I grew up, married and had a family of my own, the first thing I was going to purchase was a new washing machine and dryer.

And, as time and chance would have it, when I did marry, I purchased a small Barlane two bedroom mobile home which a washing machine and dryer had been included. Boy! Did I ever feel I had arrived! It’s funny how insignificant memories play such an important part in the irrefutable directing in the sensitive course of our lives.

Memories act as noteworthy signposts along the way for incomparable reasons and life-sustaining motivations to cause us to place value on certain things while we dismiss others.

Yet, it is only through the valley of denial, despair and discomfort that we are able to move into the hills of meaningful 'soil to toil' for our lives. Nothing momentous occurs which is not hitherto attached to the unbreakable strand of early childhood situational needful implications set about.

At the time, they occur, they seem so insignificant but upon self reflection, coupled with determination, we are able to rightly appreciate the difficult times. The upsetting times of struggle, disappointment, and despondency that fueled the fire of intimate personal zeal.

Without our individual phases of ‘doing without’, feeling abandoned, isolated and misunderstood, we would none have the impetus to strive (transcend).

As adults, we tend to forget those cherished times of inherent growth. Instead we may assign improper accusation, unnecessary blame or discount the worthiness of our “struggling to make it roots.” We disavow the pertinent relevance associated in the miraculous events which have brought us to this place of celebrated union.

By the noblest of effort to overcome what we believed to challenges, obstacles, barriers and handicaps, we ventured out beyond the parameter of our social environment. Or did we?

Do we not still love to watch the clothes tumble in a dyer while it serenades us with a humming melody?

In these seemingly trivial matters, underestimated circumstances, dismembered situations, we are grounded in our highest aspirations. It is through these undeniable episodes (some better some worse) that our divine personalities are shaped and formed to be fully expressed later.

We, as human beings, are extremely complicated variegated entities.

Yet our needs are quite simple. Underlying our super imposed integrated personalities are four very basic straightforward parts: intellect (faculty for reason, understanding and knowledge), integrity (innate compass for recognizing and discerning truth and falsehood) sociably adaptable gravitating tendencies (fundamental desire for relationships) and last, but certainly not least, sacred sensual sexual artistic creative expression.

These ineffable characteristics are sublime unspoken, clearly unappreciated, traits of the human specimen that when recognized and activated bring about inexpressible bliss.

The undeniable WILL to create comes from the unmistakable origin of our births. Into the specific sphere of designated activity were we born with great undeliverable reason, misguided understanding and/or limited knowledge.

Yet as we grow into our precious ruthless soul’s specifically selected earth experience, the heavy scales of undeserving condemnation, insidious ridicule, and despicable guilt and graven shame fall from our distorted eyes.

We no longer look back at our past, and those who lived through it with us, aghast, but with loving arms of surrendered grace. Whoever we were, are and will be is already and has been in existence unfolding anew each moment of existence.

As the creator who transcends and is in the midst of it all, we are ever evolving out of ourselves into the new creature that has never been or will be again.

As contrary as it sounds we are a paradox unto ourselves for at times we can know things and at others times we know NO thing. (Before it is time, we will know nothing.) From those four basic attributes, mentioned earlier, man creates, is created and is the creation, itself.

He expresses his unique divine creativity in order (and because of) to plummet into the abyss of his own making of self-aggrandizement.

There in the barren pit of despair he will find his emancipation. From the self-liberation released, he rises to the occasion of unspeakable brilliance without the need of recognition or gratitude.

In other words, we can and do have any and EVERY thing we could possibly ever want, imagine, or create when we no longer desire it. The desire for praise brings with it exploitation.

As long as we are filled to capacity with our ‘natural and convenient’ passions and exercise the sacred sensual sexual artistic creative expressions, we have no room (at the Inn) for any other reassurance or support. In order to experience hallowed transcendence, we must first be in the midst of the so-called lowly state (negativity) to transcend it.

Why else would we inhabit this earth plane? We are not capable of rising above until we fully believe in our cast down forsaken abandoned rejected despised neglected lot. Then and only then do we realize there’s nothing to transcend.

We are the transcendence!

Things have a way of making their definitively hallowed designed course through all sorts of winding roads of incomprehensible twists and turns. Universal Social Change takes place one dyer load of clothes tumbling at a dime’s worth of time.

No matter where you are presently standing, in whatever state you are in, doing whatever it is you are doing: remember, you are part of the global unity of social change.

So in closing I add, I still adore the passionate sound and sight of clothes drying in the dryer. There are few people, places and/or things that are more reverently beautiful to my eyes, ears, heart and precious ruthless soul of determined mysterious intent.

I am aware that you have all heard the much repeated saying:

“I’m waiting for my ship to come in.” Well, I’m here to tell you; it’s already come in:”We are all sailing on it!”


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi Very nice post I like it so much

      keep posting such a nice post....

      Smith Alan

    • msorensson profile image


      8 years ago

      Of course, I love the hub...indeed it has arrived...



    • Sage Williams profile image

      Sage Williams 

      8 years ago

      Paula - Your keen sense of awareness shines throughout your writing. You have an amazing way with words. Enjoyed this hub very much. Voted Up!



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