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Self Care-15 Tips and Tricks That Work Almost Instantly

Updated on September 4, 2018
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Saswati is passionate about writing and loves converting her thoughts into words & is intrigued by topics revolving around emotional health.

Self Care- Investing Time on Yourself

Self Care- Investing Time on Yourself
Self Care- Investing Time on Yourself | Source

Many a times, we all need that extra dose of love and care to revive ourselves, to nurture ourselves and to keep going just like we need that extra dose of Vitamin C when we are feeling sick. So instead of waiting for someone else to pamper you with oodles of love and care, why not pamper yourself. That way, you are getting what you want and you need not wait for anybody to do the favor.

Without further adieu, let's dig into the topic of self-care and how to do it.

1. Read Something

Reading is always a stress buster and mood booster. Grab a book/journal/magazine as per your taste and start reading. It will immediately uplift you and you will learn something new.

Try reading something out of a book/journal instead of e-books or kindle. This way you are giving your eyes some peace and staying away from the blue light.


2. Music

Music is a stress buster. When you are feeling low or negative, listen to some soothing music. It will instantly calm down your jittery nerves.

Music therapy is an actual phenomenon. Music helps you de-stress, improves performance, reduces depression, makes you eat healthier and lesser(no binge eating), cures insomnia and a lot of other wonderful benefits.


3. Watch a Movie/ Short Videos

Lie down and put some good movie on the TV or your laptop and start watching it. You can pair it up with your favorite popcorn or some delicious ice-cream.

Better still, if you don't have the time for a movie, plug into you tube and watch some funny videos. I personally prefer those cute puppy/cat videos which are outrageously hilarious and in a few minutes you will be super charged and super happy.. Yayy!!

Cute Puppies - Funny Puppies Video Compilation 2017 ( New HD )

4. Talk to Your family

Family is an integral part of our lives. Sometimes we keep ourselves so busy that we forget to have a chit-chat with our near and dear ones. Trust me, its the best form of self-care one can ever have.


5. What are friends for?

Call up your friends, talk to them and if possible plan a get-together. The Adrenalin rush from all the excitement of meeting your old buddies is enough to release the tension in the air.


6. Pamper Yourself

Self-care is all about pampering yourself and what better way to it than by heading to get your favorite massage/pedicure.

There are so many ways you can get your daily dose of beauty pampering. Sheet masks are so much in fashion these days and everyone seems to be raving about the benefits they have. If you don't have the time to go for a facial to a proper salon, why not try some sheet mask of your choice and grab a book. Utter bliss!


7. List Down 5 things You love about Yourself

Pretty easy, right? And a thousand times more effective. It a form of telling "I Love You" to yourself. Sounds crazy? The effect will be crazier and you will be happier.

Jotting down your best points reminds you of your worth and restores a feeling of self-worth.

Love Yourself First


8. Plan a Holiday

Well, you do not need to take a holiday immediately. But the excitement of visiting a new place or deciding which place to visit( even if it is months away) can be a great therapy. Looking at beautiful pictures of the place, deciding on outfits, checking out your holiday calendar is a tiresome task. But guess what, your focus is shifted from what is bothering you at the moment to which jumpsuit you should wear on your vacation. The decision is yours.


9. De-clutter

Did you know by keeping ourselves surrounded with things that we don't need leads to negativity. Its kind of depressing. So de-cluttering a great way of uplifting yourself. You can choose to de-clutter a particular area in your room, living room, cupboard, etc. And after the activity, you will give yourself a pat on the back.


10. Try a new recipe

Cooking! Its such a good way of relaxing when its not done as a duty or a must-do activity. Cooking at leisure/ trying out some new cuisine is a delightful activity. And the added bonus? You are getting a new recipe to taste! Awesome, isn't it?

3 NEW Pasta Salad Recipes

11. Go For A Walk

How can I forget this? Walking helps release those endorphins into your body and its a great stress buster. A 20 minute walk is all you need every single day to keep yourself happy and healthy. A healthy mind and body leads to a healthier you.

12. Paint Your Nails

Its a great idea. I always try this out when I am short of time and need to make myself feel special in some way or the other. Paint your nails a new color. You will have your look changes a bit, and have the happiness of having invested in some ME time.

13. Take a Hot Shower/Bubble Bath

Its a great way to relax after a long day. You know why? The warm water stops pain signals from the nerves and makes muscles relax. It also induces good sleep.


14. List Down Your Goals

Make a list of Your short term and long term goals. Visualizing these goals imprints them in your mind, and you have better chances of achieving them. One thing to keep in mind here would be to set realistic goals.


15. Take A Power Nap

And if nothing helps, or if you are really feeling low, take a power nap. It is magical. It is the best way to revive yourself and increase alertness and productivity. Also, it prevents stress, boosts your mood and lowers the risk of heart disease.


What forms of Self-Care do you indulge in?

Have You Tried Any of the above tips?

See results

© 2018 Saswati


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