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Self Identity and the Politically Correct BS

Updated on June 17, 2015

Today I decided to wake up and self identify myself as White and or Non Black because I am an individual and also because a trained and supposedly educated Psychologist, said I can. Now don't get me wrong, I do love being Black, but I don't have to be labeled as such...right?

Since school age I was told that I sounded like a White girl, and I don't turn up with Kirk Franklin as much as I do ACDC. I haven't read as many Black character books and to be honest my favorite still today is a good Jane Green novel where the protagonist is a White woman who looks nothing like me but I've always felt more connected to these reads.

Though my skin is richly dark and my hair is nappy I decided to wake up today and be another race because its not color but culture. I will wake up today and reap the privileges of not being followed around in a store, or grouped in a box and told 'Well not all of you but most of you act like that'. 'You're the exception, I can tell.' yeah because in society my dark skin is not what they see to label me as the race I've known to be my entire life, this is culture for me? Like so many of my ancestors who died and marched to have equality based on our culture and not our race? Because society has labeled and discriminated against us because of everything but the color of our skin.

So if race is not color but culture I think its an unfunny joke, no a slap in all of our faces when Rachael Dolezal tans her skin and braids her hair to pass for a Black woman to reap the benefits of scholarships and placement, a lie not a confusion of who she is. Unlike Caitlyn , Rachael didn't deny herself to be who she wanted to be, she didn't live another life for someone else and then decide to be who she is, she is a liar. Why couldn't she keep her olive pale skin and dirty blonde hair and say hey I want to say that I embrace the culture of Blacks and this is who I am. Instead she wore a costume every day of her life and now its out in the open and its a joke this is the big difference, especially when she's enjoyed her life and or lie all of these years.

The bottom line here is that most Blacks can't wake up one day and say I self identify as White and be accepted. But because being Black is not a race but a culture we have to openly accept this joke?

I can't wake up and be anything other than who I am when it comes down to my race, me being a Black woman. But here we are again whereas you have some so called educated person with no common sense and very lacking in knowledge of how the other side lives try and compare themselves to how we live minus the struggle to break free from the labels that this society continues to place upon us.

It must be nice to wake up every morning and know that you can walk any way you want, look anyway you want, change who you are and be accepted and not discriminated against. You can change whenever the mood is right.


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