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Self Talk-Conversation of the Mind

Updated on September 4, 2012

"That will not work well"

"Your future is going nowhere"

"You are a failure in life "

"i can't do this"

Sounds familiar?? Daily, we experience some type of self talk in our mind. Self talks are conversation of our mind focusing on a particular subject, repeated back in our own voice. These subjects vary from immediate to passive topics. When these conversations provide just opinions, it can be productive in nature. It would help us to take calculated risks, make sound decisions etc. However sometimes these can turns into harsh criticism, which drains our vital energy and leave us depressed, anxious and less motivated. They are then dubbed as negative self talks.

What is the origin point of a self talk

These conversations always tend to revolve round a particular worrying thought. It can be related to

1. Professional life
2. Family relations
3. Health issues
4. Expectation from others.
5. Morality

Moreover anything that can influence our past,present or future situations. For example, If you could not do well in college, your self talk revolves round this particular issue and tries to reflect your future works based on this input. In time, all the other thoughts take a back seat, while this particular line is given preference

Harsh Critic

What makes it unnoticeable is that self talk starts small. They begin with a gentle voice which questions your present actions. In time this slowly matures into a strict tone. When complete control is taken, this is substituted by a screaming voice trying to find fault in all our opinions as well as action.

This voice tends to repeats itself constantly throughout the day just like a tape winding. The more we try to suppress it, the stronger it becomes. In time the actual problem causing the self talk is forgotten and we remain in a infinite loop of question and answer

Is it bad

Indeed. The critic inside your mind to feed itself, absorbs all your energy and concentration. As a result mental focus tends to falter, leaving the person anxious, restless and short tempered. Another aspect is that the mind tries to amplify a problem more than it really is. This can cause unwanted stress and tension that may lead to depression.

Is self talk logical

Self talks are rarely logical. They make a system more complex than it should be. The mind tries to enlarge reality to a point where it becomes solution less. The more we try to argue, the stronger would be the counter questions. In end the effect would be the same
The bottom line is Self talks are fantasies created by the mind. They are illogical, irrational thinking invented by the mind and has less truth whatsoever. You can calm the mind by

1. Performing a cardio exercise. This helps for the production of feel good hormones and assist you to think clearly.

2. Mindful awareness, that is focusing only on the present moment reduces the strength of self talks.

3. Reading, Writing all provide an outlet to your emotions and help regain the mental balance.

4. A Sedentary lifestyle is stated to increase the rate of self talk. A social lifestyle can be the counter remedy.


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