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Self-help for Depression

Updated on April 10, 2015

Depression and stress go hand in hand, and it's unsurprising that the two are linked. Left unchecked, stress of various kinds - whether in your work, relationships or other areas - can lead to depression. Depression self help usually focuses on CBT techniques (cognitive behavioural therapy).

If you're depressed, your self-esteem will probably have taken a knock. Stress and depression reinforce negative feelings about yourself, decreasing your motivation and making you less able to do things that you wouldn't usually think twice about - which, in itself, can make you feel guilty and worse than before.

One answer is to set a realistic target - ideally one just outside of your current comfort zone - and work towards it. It might be a run, finishing an essay or a piece of work, or applying for a job. Break it down into small components (turning on the computer, writing the first word, creating a plan, finishing the first paragraph, and so on). Completing one small step is far less daunting than considering finishing the whole thing. However, in completing one step, you give yourself a piece of evidence that you are capable of doing more than you thought, boosting confidence and enabling you to continue. If your target is a very modest one - perhaps writing a single sentence - then there's a good chance you will do far more once you've completed that.

You're looking to do just more than you feel able - not to take on the world, but achieve a realistic but meaningful victory. Slowly, your confidence will build, a vital step in overcoming depression.


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