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Semi Quick Weight Loss Experiment

Updated on August 6, 2016

Understanding Your Body

Everyone is different, keeping a healthy lifestyle is important to everyone, or it should be since it's your life. People often look to others for guidance and what they do and try to imitate and make it their own. This may work for some and not for others, because chances are our lifestyle is different. Some people say eat less calories, while others feel differently and might suggest that extra activity will help. All suggestions or advice is neither right nor wrong, this is because it works for them. I had to find this out the hard way through trial and error, baisc weight loss is eat less and exercise more. Most people give up when they hit a plateau, not understanding why they had stop losing weight. There are many reasons why and there are also many solutions as well. Our body is like a sponge, it will eventually adapt to what you do and what you put in. I had been hitting plateaus every time I try to lose to a certain amount, but this has also given me an opportunity to experiment and try different ways to pass the plateau point in my own journey.

Understanding your body is the beginning of your own journey, not only to lose weight but a healthier you, physically and mentally. Our body will tell us when it needs something, but more often most of us choose to ignore it, not on purpose but the lack of understanding. For example, for myself, if my wisdom tooth starts to bother me all of a sudden, I would drink extra amount of water on top of the normal amount I normally drink and in a day or so it will stop bothering me. Recently I felt a moving lump on my collar bone, possibly swollen thyroid gland from being sick for two weeks. Only thing I could think of doing was to detox after all the medications I had been taken, I figure it is time for it anyway. About two days the lump was gone, and I felt better, I went for a check up to make sure it wasn't something I missed and I check out fine. Personally I hate going to doctors, if it's not one thing it would be another even if you feel fine. This isn't to brag or what some may thing but it's to show that if you listen to your body, it will communicate with you in a way of discomfort, some more others less.

Starting the Journey

Firstly, I am a smoker which makes it even worse, I am trying to quit but that will come. My routine is fairly simple, nothing complicated or out of this world. I started with building my core muscles to ensure I am able to do other things without hurting myself. I have been using the ab wheel which seems to work mainly my abdominal muscle, back, shoulders, arms, which is a great total package. Doing crunches for my mid and upper abs, at times when my arms and shoulders are in pain, I would do leg lifts to continue working my lower abs. I workout for about 10 minutes at night before bed. I rarely work with weights, but I do to vary my routine.

When you start, don't go hopping on the scale and expect big changes or even small ones. You should guage your change through waist size difference, logically if you burn fat but gain muscle, your weight will not change much but you'll be tighter and slimmer. Another thing, muscles does not weight more than fat, just has a higher density. Looking at a scale will only make you feel disappointed even when changes are happening, if your clothes are becoming loose and you still weight the same, that should be a better scale than weighing in. Remember you are trying to lose fat, so the mentality of weight loss should be purged from your mind.

A supplement I started taking was whey protein, this helps promote continuous fat burn. Protein is a muscle building block and helps burn more fat over sugar to ensure the muscles are maintained and leaner. I had to make sure I just used a maximum of one scoop for 26 to 30 grams of protein, I am not looking to bulk up, and I'm not a bodybuilder. I had also wrote an article about protein overload, which is always on the back of my mind when I use any supplement. I use the supplement in place of one meal, usually lunch, I'm don't normally eat lunch to begin with which was also bad and possibly how I ended up with the weight I don't need. Not eating correctly can cause weight gain as well as eating too much. The whey protein help lower my wants for a snack in between lunch and dinner, which was mostly junk food. The supplement has many benefits as it could be searched online.

Escaping Plateau

After losing about 4 inches from my waist and feeling better, I had notice that my continuous work had stop shedding any more fat from my tummy. I then weighed myself and compare to make sure it was not just water weight I was shedding, and it was. I changed my routine to experiment with different techniques in hopes for different results. After seeing the changes from my first routine, I now decided to cut my time from 10 minutes to five minutes of continuous no break exercise. Sounds good at first till I started it and I realize I had bitten more than I can chew. The routine consisted of running in place then straight to pushups, follow by planking in a pushup position, then rolled over on my back for toe touches, each exercise was about 25 to 30 seconds non-stop for five minutes. This continued for a week, it was excruiating but the results were pretty nice and now I alternate between the first and second routine every week.

My supplements did not change, maintained the same type and amount being used. I had added green vibrance and amazing green into my supplements. My normal diet has very little meat and mostly veggies and grain, I also don't eat much fruits as they seem very sweet to me and I don't have any love for sweet stuff (sorry to those who have a sweet tooth). Most exercise aren't really complicated but I found that building certain parts of the body before doing other exercises will help tremendously.

Soon I will add more cardio into my routines, after I quit smoking. Trying to slim down is really more of a mentality thing, I say this because when you hit a plateau, it's all about being creative and at the start it's about self control where the result should not be your weight but your waist. Self confidence is important, forget seeing is believing and instead learn that you'll see it if you believe it. Nothing is ever easy otherwise everyone would've done what they need to do without having to research.

Remember this is my research that I have done for myself to use and because it has worked for me doesn't mean it'll work for others. You may need to vary the routine but this is just my basic pick up and go plan which helped me.


We all know we need to watch what we eat regardless if you are trying to stay healthy or losing weight. Bad food always seems to taste better than good food, but getting into the habit of eating right should be a priority even before you chose to take the first step into trimming your waist line. Busy lifestyle shouldn't turn you to eating out every night or cooking unhealthy, it's usually a choice we make.

My diet is mostly chicken, veggies, coconut oil, and I steam most of what I eat. Coffee has being a big part of my life but I don't use any milk or sugar, I love the taste of coffee too much to ruin it with additives. Aside from coffee it's usually green tea and water. I can't really digest pork or beef too well that's why I don't eat other types of meat.

If you decide to change your diet, make sure it doesn't cause complications. For example, some people with blood pressure issue or those who are diabetic should not consume caffeine. Just to be safe if you have health issues, consult a doctor before doing any alteration to your lifestyle.

What was used?

Everything used is listed below.

  1. Whey Protein
  2. Ab Wheel
  3. Exercise mat
  4. Measuring tape
  5. 10 pound medicine ball
  6. Lately I added Green Vibrance and Amazing Green

The medicine ball was something to add more weight into my situps and nothing more. Measuring tape was to show me if there are any changes because I don't like using a scale. Exercise mat, well if you have carpeting then this can be eliminated.

Exercise Tools


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