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Nintendo Wii and Older People

Updated on November 2, 2009

Older people benefit from Wii exercise!

Have you bought or received a Wii fitness counterpart as a gift? Now that you have it, has it become too expensive to buy the programs and/or games? Does it take a lot of time and gas to run around from store to store, looking for the module you want or seeking for the newest of the new available Wii programs?

Many senior citizens are spending their days alone and inactive. Some thoughtful families may have purchased a Wii for their aging family member with good intentions. But, have they joined their loved one in any of the enjoyable activities Wii can provide? We've got busy lives, and perhaps, forget to take the time to show your loved ones the joy and benefit they can receive from their new Wii.

Seniors get lonely. Seniors have numerous aches and pains, in addition to balance and agility issues. The Wii is a powerful program and tool that could benefit a lot of older citizens. Exercise and physical therapy programs can be tailored to individual needs and abilities. Programs to target balance, agility, stamina, strength, and coordination are readily available. Yoga is another activity that can be of benefit to young and old alike.

Wii eliminated the worry and harm that can happen through exercise programs by detailing exercises targeted specifically for the age, strength, and ability for the intended participant. And, the exercise routine can be increased or decreased as needed. A detailed report is provided that explains progression, how many times the program is used, and other useful data to track individual results and successes.

Actually, the Wii acts as an exercising companion and/or trainer. Sometimes seniors living alone do not enjoy activities that are just another form of aloneness. The Wii talks to the participant, boosts morale, and encourages continued involvement. Thus, the senior has a 'friend' to workout with, and build strength, agility, while receiving feedback and encouragement.

The Wii video displays are realistic and interactive. Each has a name and gender, chosen by the participant. The Wii comes to know you and encourages you to continue a daily routine. The Wii will welcome you back, and even remind you of your failure to participate faithfully. The Wii is not only beneficial to health, but is an enjoyable counterpart that assists and boosts continuation in your quest for health or mobility.

Downloading programs and games have become available and proved to be a time-saver. And, although, many are reputible sources, downloading can cause havoc within your computer. Computer viruses run freely in downloading from unknown providers. Be careful when downloading programs. Verify the downloaders validity by doing a Google "who is" search. Another resource is to check out offers at


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