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Seriously, Is Anything Safe During Pregnancy?!

Updated on December 28, 2010

No sushi, no shrimp, no lobster, no tuna. Don't consume soft cheese, deli meat, or caffeine. No sit ups, back bends, or horseback riding. Make sure to avoid changing the litter box. No heavy lifting. Avoid tight jeans and shirts. Don't smoke, drink, or do drugs. Pregnancy is full of restrictions; is there anything that is actually safe during pregnancy?

Personally, I'm tired of hearing everybody tell me what I CAN'T do while I'm pregnant. Look, I understand that some things are ALWAYS bad, pregnant or not (alcohol and cigarettes, for example)...but do pregnant women really need to be as careful as society tells us to be? What did women do in the old days, before the media influenced every decision we made? I can't open a parenting magazine or visit a forum for expectant mothers without being bombarded by a list of warnings for pregnant women.

I'm all about taking extra precautions during pregnancy, and I have a healthy 7 year old to prove it. However, pregnant women are already emotional enough (we can thank our lovely hormones); do they really need to constantly be reminded of the things they aren't allowed to do/eat/wear? Enough about what expectant mothers CAN'T do; let's talk about what they CAN do:


Unless you're on bed rest or have special orders from your doctor, you can have as much sex as you want during your pregnancy. It will not hurt you or your baby. Trust me.


Now that you don't have to waste money on birth control pills or condoms for 9 months, you have money for better things. Like cute maternity clothes. Did you know that True Religion makes maternity jeans? You do now!


You shouldn't use pregnancy as an excuse to overindulge on anything and everything, but you definitely need to consume an additional 200-500 calories per day. Baby is hungry, and so are you! So eat dessert. You can eat carrot sticks and celery all day after the baby is born, if that's your thing.


I have seen high heels on the list of "Forbidden Pregnancy Things", but guess what? I wore them during my last pregnancy, and the world didn't end. If your feet are excessively swollen, or you're pretty clumsy to begin with, skip the heels. Otherwise, there's no need to wear sweats and flip flops every day. Unless that's your style to begin with, which is totally okay.


It's a common stereotype (although, based on personal experience, one that I believe holds some truth) that pregnant women are hormonal basket cases. Use your pregnancy as an excuse to burst into tears during times that are convenient (boring office meetings, family functions, etc.) for you. Also, feel free to snap at people who you've always secretly hated.


If this is your first pregnancy, you might not realize just how important this is. Once the baby comes, you will both love him/her, and each other-but "couple time" will become "family time". Even when your child grows up, nights alone will never be the same. You'll spend your time wondering if grandma heated the bottle up to the perfect temperature, or worrying about whether you remembered to pack enough diapers. If your child is older, and spending the night with a friend, you'll secretly worry that the parents are child molesters who will let your precious angel watch R-rated movies and drink beer all night. So enjoy your alone time with your partner before two becomes three (or more, if you're expecting twins or triplets).


Life gets busy when you're a mom. Shop, catch a movie, or just lounge on the couch and gossip with friends and family members. Remember, if you want to do this when the baby comes, you might have to pay a babysitter. Socializing is still free now! Don't take this for granted.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is an exciting time. It's important to make sure that you take excellent care of yourself and your unborn child, but remember: it's still okay to have a little fun from time to time. Just use some common sense, and don't believe everything that you hear (or read). Take care, and have a wonderful pregnancy!


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    • magnoliazz profile image


      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      LOL!! I love your sense of humor!

    • Sunnyglitter profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Cyberspace

      Thanks, gqgirl and zzron! I appreciate the feedback!

    • gqgirl profile image


      8 years ago from Georgia

      Man I wish you would have wrote this 8 years ago! LOL I could have benefitied from it while I was prego! :) Very good and funny hub! You should keep on writing more, you have a knack for it! :) Thanks for stopping by my page! I'm def going to link back to you on this one!

    • zzron profile image


      8 years ago from Houston, TX.

      Very informative, well written.


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