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Sesame Oil for Weight Loss

Updated on November 13, 2009

Photo taken by Paul Cowan

Sesame oil is an oil that is pressed from the sesame seed that is primarily used for dietary consumption. Studies indicate that sesame oil may have several health benefits like lowering blood pressure and lowering blood sugar. The antioxidants in the sesame oil are found to benefit the skin. When applied topically, sesame oil calms burns and controls dry scalp. Sesame oil is used in India as a healing oil and it is also used in manufacturing some cosmetics. Although the health effects of sesame oil are relatively new field of research, recent studies indicate that sesame oil may be useful for weight loss.

A 2006 pilot study of open label sesame oil in hypertensive Diabetics (printed in the Journal of Medicinal Food) indicates that sesame oil may be beneficial for weight loss. The study investigated the effect of sesame oil in hypertensive diabetics medicated with atenolol (β-blocker) and glibenclamide (sulfonylurea). The study group consisted of 22 male and 18 female patients, 45–65 years old, with mild to moderate hypertension and diabetes.

The Sesame oil (Idhayam Gingellyoil, V.V.V. & Sons, Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu, India) was supplied to the patients, who were instructed to use it in place of other cooking oils for 45 days. The tests that were measured at baseline, were compared to the test results after 45 days of sesame oil substitution.

The results showed that sesame oil supplementation for 45 days decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure, body weight, body mass index, waist girth, hip girth, waist-to-hip ratio,glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin (a measure of long-term blood sugar control), total and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

The reduction of body weight and body mass index in this study may mainly be due to sesame oil substitution, since the values increased once the sesame oil substitution was withdrawn.

Studies suggest that polyunsaturated fatty acids in sesame oil may play a role in the reduction of body fat. These polyunsaturated fatty acids increase the plasma levels of the hormone leptin, which is a hormone that regulates body weight. Leptin goes to the satiety center of the brain providing a full and satisfied feeling.


Nutrition Tips : About Sesame Oil for High Blood Pressure

Sesame Oil Cold Press

Sesame Oil – Use in Moderation

Sesame oil is dense in calories and should be consumed in moderation. A one tablespoon serving has 120 calories and 14 grams of fat. The over-consumption of sesame oil may result in weight gain because of its high caloric and fat content.The American Heart Association recommends limiting dietary fat to 30% of total calories.

Replace Cooking Oil with Sesame Oil

Try these ideas for getting a healthy amount of sesame oil into your diet:

  • Drizzle one teaspoon of sesame oil and you favorite lite sodium soy sauce over a serving of cooked white or brown rice.
  • Sauté and roast your favorite vegetables using sesame oil in place of olive oil. Use up to 1 tablespoon for dishes yielding six or more servings.
  • Use sesame oil in meat marinades.

Garlic, Ginger and Soy Marinade

Use this marinade for 2 pounds of sirloin steak tips, trimmed of excess fat. Combine the ingriedents and meat in a gallon sized bag and marinate in refrigerator for 4 and up to 24 hours before grilling. Freeze for up to two months.

1/3 cup soy sauce

3 Tablespoons of toasted sesame oil

3 Tablespoons of Vegetable Oil

3 Medium garlic cloves, minced (about 1 Tbsp.)

1 Piece of ginger (about 1 inch) minced (about 1 Tbsp.)

2 Tablespoons of dark brown sugar

½ Teaspoon of red peper flakes

1 Medium scallion, sliced thin

2 Teaspoons grated zest from 1 orange

Seaweed Soup

Enjoy the health benefits of seaweed ( magnesium is a mineral found in seaweed having many health benefits) as well as sesame oil, which are both ingredients used in the following video recipe for Seaweed soup.

Seaweed Soup Prepared by Miyuk Gook


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    • Kristi Maloney profile image

      Kristi Maloney 8 years ago

      Hi Weightloss,

      Yes! I did read about that! Seems like sesame oil is one of those cure-alls that has many uses. Thank you for your comment!

    • profile image

      Weight loss for Teens 8 years ago

      In India we use it especially to cure many known and unknown diseases. Weight loss is also considered a natural process here in many ashrams and people are asked to make their routine and lifestyle according to their metabolisms.

      Thanks for useful post.