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Setbacks-The Building Block to Success

Updated on June 18, 2012


These are the major contributors to anxiety, worry and low self esteem

  1. A situation were you get rejected when success was assured
  2. A thought of not reaching your full potential.
  3. Planning was right, execution was perfect, but result is unsatisfying.

Setback can happen to all of us. But how we respond to it makes all the difference. There are two ways of response

  1. Overwhelmed by emotions, we decide to quit leading to a long phase of depression and anxiety
  2. Take the setback as a learning platform and strive forward.

Here are some ways by which you become an achiever in life even when things don't go right.

Imagination is the Key

You become what you think. If you want to be a successful Engineer, imagine yourself involved in high end, projects, meeting top business executives, making new technical innovations. If you aspire to be an actor imagine winning the Oscar, picture yourself on stage with people clapping and rushing for your autograph.

Our imagination has no boundaries and dream is the base, the essence from which you build up your career. It is important to understand what we are fighting for. When a goal is in place, whatever be the obstacles in life, it becomes a learning experience.

Take a Break

Taking a break will not affect our productivity in any way. As a matter of fact, it increases our resilience and help re align our strategy. When a long gap is provided

  1. it helps our mind to calm down. All the negative thoughts are dominant only for a few hours and given ample time will loose effect. The clearer the mind, the more effective it becomes.
  2. Understand what went wrong. Your plan of action might be effective, but would be more strong with some added changes. Here you can use the Setback as a learning experience.
  3. Regain your energy both physically and mentally. Setbacks to be frank, are not good experiences. They can drain us off positive energy. By doing another task, the mind will be able to regain this lost energy and would be in better position to bounce back.

Mindful Awareness-Simple yet Powerful

Mindful Awareness focuses on the present moment. What had been done is done. There is nothing more to it. Just leave it. Past can be used as a reference, but not as our existence. Existence focuses only on the present. The simple fact is, our present will soon become our past and also shapes our future.

Vent Emotions through Exercise

Our emotions are very strong and they cannot be subdued. Even if tried, they come back more powerful than before. So the best way is to vent it out. Exercise is a very good option. as it helps release the stress by

  1. Stimulating the production of endorphins which are feel good hormones.
  2. Help stabilize your breathing pattern. Same effect when performing yoga.
  3. Promote overall health giving a boost to self esteem which is very important during this phase.

Take it as a Challenge

View the setback as a challenge to learn and grow. Maybe this experience was provided to give you more insight and boost your resilience level. This positive approach helps cushion the demerits and convert them to merit.


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