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7 Benefits of Laughter

Updated on October 3, 2012

Humour Has It

Everybody knows that laughter is a good medicine. But what people did not know is that laughter is infectious and a healthy alternatives for an aching heart. It is a good antidote for stress, problems and broken heart. The more you laugh, the more your tensions and anxiety will evaporates.

It is very contagious indeed. It is proven by you and by me. More contagious than yawn, sneeze or cough. Having a good laugh brings people together, and develops a great bond of intimacy and happiness. Many can attest that a good laughter is a good boost for immune system. It gives vitality and a positive outlook in life.

More benefits of Laughter:

1. Laughter establishes new bond, connects two people when they first meet. It creates positive emotional climate that brings two people closer and feeling connected with each other.

2. It is a natural therapy that relaxes muscles and relieve stress . In general, it relaxes your whole body. It soothes mentally, physically and emotionally. It is good for the mind. When you have a good laugh, it relaxes your whole body up to 45 minutes.

3. The stress hormones such as Epinephrine and cortisol (the number one killer stress hormones) in the body may decrease if you laugh. Thus, it boost the immune system.

4. When you laugh, natural feel-good chemicals like endorphins and oxytocin are released. It promotes vitality and boosting antibodies thus improving your resistance to illnesses.

5. Laughter can be proven effective to those people who suffered from hypertension. But not too much though. It protects you against heart attack and other heart complications because it improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow.

6. Laughter improves mood, improve attentiveness, pulse and heart rate. It eases life problems and ease anxiety and stress. It enhances mental recognition, decreases pain and hear ache. Most of all, it changes your way of seeing problems into more positive outlook.

7. Here’s the good news about laughter for dieters and to those people who wanted to lose weight. Fifteen minutes of laughter a day is equivalent to 30 minutes exercise 3 times a week.

Laughter is the outward joy of something great and something funny. What are you waiting for? The next time your friends or boss crack a joke, don’t control your laugh. Laugh out loud like nobody hear you laughing. Enjoy life while you’re still alive.


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