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Seven Reasons To Get Intimate With Your Significant Other - Today!

Updated on June 19, 2013

Everyone knows that being "intimate" with a partner or loved one is GREAT. However, did you know that there are actual healthy benefits to doing the "no-pants-dance?" Yep, it's true. According to reports recently featured on Fox News Magazine and eHarmony, there are seven health benefits to "making love" that a lot of people don't know about. This doesn't even include the fact that it feels good, that it can burn calories, and that whole procreation of the human species thing.

So if you are looking for a good reason to get up close and personal the next time you or your partner may not be "in the mood," just remind each other about one of the following seven health benefits. Maybe this concern for each other's "health" (and a little humor) will help lead you to "getting busy" more often. Here we go.

Healthy Reason #1: Improved Heart Health and Stress Reduction

While I think the stress thing is a "no-brainer," studies have shown that a healthy and frequent love life with a significant other can also help lower one's blood pressure. This of course makes sense because generally high levels of stress often correlate to high blood pressure. Thus, lower stress levels - lower blood pressure. Another interesting aspect to this variable is that the research found that the effects of frequent hugs were as powerful as love making in several of their study participants. Understandably, this result was more pronounced with the female participants. So with that, always remember that if you are unable to "get it on," at least "hug it out" on a regular basis. You never know...that hug may lead to something else.

Healthy Reason #2: Possible Pain Reduction

Research has shown that intimacy contributes to the body releasing an increased amount of oxytocin (and other feel-good endorphins), thus decreasing any pain one might have. Pain associated with arthritis, PMS, and even headaches - can be lessened by the increased endorphins caused by cuddling and love making.

So remember, the next time someone says: "Not tonight honey, I've got a headache."

They SHOULD be saying: "Honey, I've got a headache. LET'S GET IT ON!"

Healthy Reason #3: Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer

Research has shown that men who have "frequent" intimate encounters (Frequent = Five or more times a week), may have a lowered risk of prostate cancer than those whose encounters are less frequent.

Likewise, women who have frequent intimate encounters may also reduce their risk of breast cancer as well.

While I would definitely suggest that partners discuss this topic and its health benefits, I would not suggest using sentences like:

"Hey baby. Do you want to help me reduce my risk of prostate cancer?"


"Let's get naked so I can help reduce your chances of breast cancer."

Most people want to do what they can to help improve their significant other's health and see them live longer. This research goes to show you that YOU can definitely help!

You don't want to look back someday when your loved one has a significant health issue and go: "Wow. I wonder if this could have been prevented if I had just "rolled in the sheets" more often with my significant other."

Healthy Reason #4: Increased Immunity

Research data shows that by "making the bed springs squeak" at least ONCE a week - you can increase the antibody levels in your blood stream and give your immune system a significant boost.

Who knew that doing that could help ward of colds or your susceptibility to infection? Sounds like a win-win scenario to me!

Healthy Reason #5: Increased Self-Esteem

A good "roll in the hay" on a regular basis with a significant other not only contributes to you and your partner's intimacy, but data shows that it may lead to an increase in your self-esteem. One reasoning for this is that you feel desired by your partner - which can be a huge ego boost. This is especially true when you may be feeling not-so-attractive and less confident. Knowing that you are desired makes you feel good, which in turns boosts your confidence - in and out of bed.

Healthy Reason #6: Better Sleep

So let's say your significant other "jumps your bones" when you get home from work. You might find that this bit of exercise has reduced your stress level, your blood pressure has gone down, and that your body probably feels pretty good due to the extra oxytocin. What else might you be feeling? How about drowsy! Yes a good intimate encounter on a regular basis actually helps promote a better and a more fitful sleep.

So when your lover passes out shortly thereafter, take it as a compliment.

Healthy Reason #7: Slows The Aging Process

Here's a reason I'm sure the plastic surgeons don't want you to know: Researchers say that doing the "bump and grind" only two times a week can slow the aging process and actually lead to a longer life expectancy! They attribute this benefit to increased circulation, a release of numerous hormones that help strengthen bones and muscles, help repair damaged skin tissue, improve the condition of your hair, and provides natural boosts of collagen that help stave off wrinkles.

Again, while I remend suggesting this benefit to your partner, I don't recommend saying something along the lines of: "I want to DO YOU so you don't look old." That won't win you any points, and may cause your partner to want your life expectancy to be shorter than it should be.

In Summary...

There you have it. If you have been searching for that magic thing to help keep you healthy and looking youthful, look no further. Taking your significant other to "pound town" is more good for you than either he or she realized. The best part is: Not only is it good for you, but the saying "you can't get too much of a good thing" definitely holds up here.

Having said that, I wish you luck on convincing your significant other of these benefits - Especially if you think you are going to talk them into reaching that "frequent" status. They may laugh and tell you to go "make yourself" healthy.

Sources: Fox News Magazine and eHarmony


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