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Seven Things We Can Do To Enhance Our Septuagenarian Years

Updated on December 20, 2014
senior citizen giving wife a piggyback ride
senior citizen giving wife a piggyback ride | Source

Grey-days are close to miserable years. For many families, it is the time they show strain and frustration about their senescent adults. We all want to get rid of them easily especially when they slump further into senility, forgetting that we will one day be where they are.

The Septuagenarian years are by far the period when ageing adults start to grapple with the annoying effects of grey-headedness.If it comes with that alone it would have been better. But who says, at this age, we are well past the innings of life? and Who says the days of achievements are over? The life of one of Japan's finest Septuagenarian grandfather, Tsutomo Tosaka, who is regarded as the slickest Septuagenarian in 2009, is the basis for writing this hub. This kind of people are few and far between, and their bunch tells the story that the ageing process can be downsized- if not reversed.

In my research about how to enhance the quality of life as a Septuagenarian, waves of ideas were explored, but only a few have proven tried and tested. These ideas will work well if we manage to make them a part of our regimen from where we are now to where we inevitably will get- the years of grey-days. For a Septuagenarian who is reading this, you too can find hope in helping you into revival and vitality through these years- It is never a belated exercise!

Much of the battle, here, is fought and won around keeping body and mind active. Truth is, emotions of sadness and happiness issues from the mind; engaging in activities that can keep us upbeat and happy is a great way to live through these years,

Seven Great Tips to Enhance the Septuagenarian years:

  1. Balance Out the day: The sense, here, is to ensure everyday is spent around simple home or outdoorsy activities that balance out sedentary activities with migratory ones. I do not say you have to become a spent-force. As a rule, activities like swimming in the pool, walking up and down the stairway, strolling down the street, weeding your garden, washing the kitchenware, painting for fun, and general fetching and carrying around the house, and if you are a grandparent, helping your grandchildren with their everyday grooming would not hurt on a day-to-day basis. It is better to err on the right side of migratory activities.
  2. Feed Your Bowels Right: The place of food, I mean real good food cannot be ruled out. Life sustenance hinges upon this. Howbeit, for a septuagenarian, taking your meal in a timely manner would help to balance out the gangrenous process(cellular decay). Food and Supplements rich in Iron and Calcium should make for a concentrated part of the meal.They serve their purpose well in Oldies just as well as in children. Plenty of water, at least 2 and a half litres of clean drinking water can flush down the gutted particles down the bowels, preparing the body cells for anabolism.
  3. Play the Game of Calculation With Your Children or Grand Children: A good way to keep the body and mind active is to play the game of calculation. The mind is a responsive entity. It detests voidness as much as negativism. As a Septuagenarian, engaging in simple games of calculation in logic and simple maths can help your mind stay healthy. Simple games like tic-tac-toe, jigsaw puzzles, bean bag toss and memory box game can help to flex your physical muscles as well as keep memory alertness.
  4. Hearty Out your Heart with Laughter: Loads and loads of laughter can help your cause in life. Find reasons to evoke a laughter, make light of every matter. A sombre spirit does no good other than wanes. Your Septuagenarian can consider going to the movies to see a comedy at least once every forthnight. Going to the circus is also a welcome buy. These time-outs can help send every spirit of peevishness down the abyss, replacing it with good-natured humor that can be built over this time.
  5. Draw Out a Travel Routine periodically: Boredom and loneliness may not kill faster than a disease, but it surely saps out energy out of life. The world is ours for the taking, so why let your septuagenarian miss out on this. No matter how long we live, we can never explore all of the earth's splendour- they are ours for free. Making periodic travels to places of interest especially to see natural landmarks and resorts can help us still find reasons to live.
  6. Seek for the Grand Spiritual: The Spiritual Side of things are one of those things that draws the emotions of happiness quickly. An understanding that life is not all there is can keep the outlook and perspective to life bright. The thoughts of living with a purpose that reaches for a spiritual end will help to fill or satisfy the yearnings or questions about living for the next phase of existence. This Spiritual knowledge can help your Septuagenarian live through this stage of their lives with hope and strength and gusto.
  7. Beautify The Skin With A Finish: This is the coup de grace. Why think at over seventy life is at its end? Sex can still be sexy at the prime age of a Septuagenarian. The use of skin care products can keep you looking like your sixteen year old grandchild. Body creams and lotions can help to fight skin creases and folds, even ugly spots. This can help build self-esteem for your Septuagenarian and a feeling of relevance to the family and to life in general.

A Word of Caution though! Some of the above activities should be carried out under the supervision of another younger adults.


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