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Seven faces of stress

Updated on July 13, 2009

How to deal with Stress?

We all deal with the S word in our own special way. According to Dr. Suzy Green, Here are the seven common ways on how we deal with stress in our workplace, or even in our homes, schools, etc...Do you recognize any these?

1. The Screamer

  • Every office has one; that roaring colleague who sends tremors through the furniture three floors up when things don't go his or her way
  • How to deal: Never try to match their aggression, advices pyschologist Dr. Suzy Green, Women's Health Australia's expert on stress matters. "Stay calm. This can be tricky, because when someone is aggressive toward you, it can trigger your fight-or-flight response." She suggest to the BLA response, which is "Breathe, listen and acknowledge."

2. The Moody One

  • How's the Moody One going to be this morning: full of beans, or sullen and withdrawn? Regardless, it'll change by lunch. They oscillate between extremes while the rest of us walk around on eggshells trying not to set them off.
  • How to deal: Some people don't realize that this behavior affect people around them," says Green. "They need feedback. Don't avoid the confrontation: the longer you leave it before you say something, the harder it'll be to broach the subject. Stay calm, and let them know you're not having a go at then."

3. The Loner

  • Green says that when co-worker shrinks into their shell, it could be a sign they're feeling helpless. And it may not just be work stress - there could be some external factors at play.
  • How to deal: They could have personal problems they don't want to bring to work. People often make assumptions about the Loner, but there could be deeper issues at stake. It's worth offering a friendly ear, just don't be offended if they don't accept it - they may be a private person.

4.The Quitter

  • A bunch of you spent the past week working 60-plus hors on a killer client proposal. Just as the end is in sight, someone throws a wobbly and storms out.
  • How to deal: It's a cry for help, say Green. When you're already under stress, you can lose it over something that wouldn't normally bother you.

5. The Boozer

  • If may look like a couple of harmless lunchtime beers, but alcohol, when used as stress reliever, can turn nasty. Firstly, most problem drinkers don't think they've got a problem. They might take offense if you suggest they do, and you're probably ill-equipped to help them.
  • How to deal: "Not to everyone has skills to cope with depression or stress, and some people will turn to booze to help manager their mood." Green says. She advices that your approach should depend on the relationship you have with this

6. The Sickie-chucker

  • It starts as odd Monday off here and there, but before you know it, the Sickie-chucker's not here on Tuesdays and most Fridays, too. They can't be that sick, so clearly something's awry. Green says absenteeism is a good sign a person hates their job. And, she says, playing the "guilt card" is pointless.
  • How to deal: "This person obviously doesn't like their job," she says. They probably feel trapped with no options so sit down and ask them what's going on. Life's too short to languish - help them see that there are options out there. There are always options.

7.The Perfectionist

  • They like things done well, and by "well", they mean "my way." According to Green, the Perfectionist's unrelenting standards may have stemmed from their childhood. Maybe they had parents whom nothing was ever good enough.
  • How to deal: The majority of people don't hold these standards. The best you can do is accept that this the way there are, keep doing a good job, and not let them make you feel inadequate. Perfectionists often end up being less productive, because they spend so long on one task, they run behind on all the others. Unrelenting standards are not helpful. We're so hard on ourselves - life is there to be enjoyed!


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    • kaiserthesage profile image

      kaiserthesage 8 years ago from Philippines

      The Loner, hehe that catched my attention. Good article by the way.