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Sexual Healing - Dual Circuit

Updated on May 2, 2013

Demonising Sexual Energy

This dual meditation or healing exercise is very useful for couples or any two people who wish to strengthen or heal their connection to sexual energy.

Too often in our modern cultures we have consigned anything sexual to the box marked "unsuitable" and forgetting that it is just another natural expression of Who We Are.

My own unique energy blueprint manifests into a particular physical form, with an associated family and ancestry, then I have my own unique emotional body and mind structure, I think and analyse in my own way and respond in my own unique idiom. The expression and manifestation of my sexual energy is just another idiomatic expression of the same Me.

We have divided and separated heart energy from the sacral energies believing them to be quite different, instead of recognising them as two verses of the same song.


Personal experiences

Many years ago whilst I was practising some new healing techniques my "guinea pig" dropped into a total state of bliss which manifested as orgasmic sexual energy and he got a "hard on" whilst on the healing couch.

I was a little surprised at first but remembered that other bodily functions can be activated by the healing energy. People sometimes jump, cough, sneeze, fart and scratch whilst on the couch. I quickly recognised that this was no different a healing response than seeing bright lights, feeling warm, feeling cold or feeling deep muscle relaxation. So I noted my own biases around sexual energy and continued with the healing.

I also asked for help from my guides as I was a bit concerned that I had never come across this kind of situation. The guidance I received back from my guides was a reminder that we are never brought any situation that we cannot deal with. So onwards I went!

I could feel the sexual energy running through my own genitals but because I was able to put aside any hang ups about two people feeling the same sexual energy without getting caught up in social niceties or sexual complications I could just enjoy the process and let the healing energy flow.

I knew that I wouldn't have had any issues about suddenly seeing red energy or orange energy so I saw sexual energy as just another creative expression.


Our hang ups and issues around our own sexuality make a great reflective surface for our innermost thoughts and beliefs.

I've long recognised how the biggest control freak is the most likely candidate for sexual fantasies based around being powerless. This is why there are so many powerful businessmen that will pay good money to be dressed up and treated as babies. it is their release from the normal 24/7 of always having to be in control and without this release time they would very quickly become ill.

When we release our own sexual energy from the chains and restrictions of our biased beliefs we release an amazing creative force of strength and inspiration into our lives, the like of which is beyond imagination.

The following exercise helps to bring our long-ago formed beliefs to the fore which in turn enables us to recognise if they still serve us in any way.

It also provides an opportunity to expand and experience the true nature of sexual energy throughout the larger spectrum of human existence.


Starting The Exercise

Sit opposite your partner either on a chair or astride a cushion. It doesn't matter which so just choose the position in which you will be most comfortable so that you can focus all your energy on the exercise.

It doesn't have to be a male/female pairing but one of you will take the lead, usually the woman.

There are many parts to the exercise. You can gradually practice them and build them up into the full sequence. Just go as fast or slow as you are comfortable with, it's not a race!

Firstly, come into your own body, close your eyes and connect with yourself. Notice how your perineum connects with the cushion. If you have trouble connecting with your perineum then give it a gentle poke with your finger so you can focus on the right area. The perineum is the muscle area between the genitals and anus.

When you are ready begin to make eye contact with your partner. For some people this is the hardest part. The aim of the exercise is to gently open yourself up to loving energy so if you find it difficult to look your partner in the eye just softly recognise that this is so and gently encourage yourself to stay with it. Do not turn the exercise into a mental analysis of anything, just softly allow yourself to become aware of what is or isn't comfortable for you.

The lead person begins to gently rock their pelvis forward and backwards. The partner joins in rocking backwards as the lead person goes forwards and then forwards as the lead person rocks backwards to create a pendulum motion.

As you rock backwards you breathe in through your nose and pull up on your perineum.

As you rock forwards you gently breathe out through your mouth allowing any sounds of release to come forth and release the perineum.

Practice this for a while until you have established a rhythm.

The beginning of this exercise can also be done as an energy exercise in itself as using the perineum and breath awareness is a very powerful way to increase your personal energy.

Exchanging Sexual Energy

Continue with the rocking gently back and forth in unison focusing on the in and out breath. Add in a movement of the hands to coincide with the back and forth motion.

As you rock back and breathe in motion with your hands in an upward movement towards the chest whilst maintaining eye contact with your partner.

As you rock forward and breathe out motion the hands back down towards the pelvis and sweeping outwards towards your partner.

Feel the in breath coming up to your sacral chakra and feel the sexual energy therein become ignited and begin to flow.

As you breathe out gently send the sexual energy to your partner and feel the sexual energy from the sacral chakra flow out through the perineum and and into your partner up to their sacral chakra.

As your partner breathes out and you breathe in, feel your partner's sexual energy coming through your perineum and flowing into your sacral chakra area.

Continue at this level for as long as you wish or for as long as the energy wave continues.

Exchanging Heart Energy

Once you are ready to move on from sending energy to the sacral chakra extend the breath and the flow of energy up to the heart centre still using the hand gestures and keeping eye contact.

The breath and the energy flows through the perineum and the sacral chakra up to the heart.

Notice the same soft energy and recognise how the physical aspect of pure sexual energy and the higher aspect of pure love energy are one and the same form yet expressed and experienced in different ways.

Continue at this level of exchange for as long as you wish or until the wave of energy dissipates.


Exchanging Spiritual Energy

When you are ready to move on from the heart centre extend the breath and the gestures up to the head. As you breathe in you can also roll your eyes upwards.

Remember, that as you breathe in your breath comes up through the perineum, through the sacral chakra, then the heart and up into the head allowing the pure sexual and love energy to be felt in all of its different ways and forms along the way. There is no requirement to change the experience, just stay open to the feelings and gently recognise the differences.

As you breathe out energy, the breath travels down from the head through the heart, sacral and perineum and into your partner travelling through their perineum, sacral chakra, heart and up into their head.

Continue with this for as long as you both wish or as long as the energy wave continues.


Come down again by exchanging from the heart and then from the sacral chakra.

Then remain still and silent for as long as you both wish whilst continuing the eye gazing.

When you are both ready to disconnect, connect back with yourself again for completion.


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    • SaraGardner profile image

      Sara Gardner 4 years ago from Finland

      Glad that you liked it and I hope you enjoy trying it out!

    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 4 years ago from Miller Lake

      Interesting read this was a learning experience thanks for sharing!

    • Ronilo Blanca profile image

      Ronilo Blanca 4 years ago from Koronadal, South Cotabato

      nice hub