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A Bad Day, Deep Puddles A Small Cat and the Joy of Life for a Blindman.

Updated on November 6, 2012

Bad Kitty

The Villain
The Villain


You know somedays nothing good seems to be the order of the day?

A few weeks ago my wife left me to walk the five hundred yards or so from her workplace to mine.The day and night before had been filled with a  continuous rain. Getting out of the car my right foot went straight to the bottom of a puddle. The water flooded into my shoe.

Arrrgh! A wet foot for the day great!

I managed to keep my left foot out of the puddle as I picked up my white cane and bag. Every other step was accompanied by the soft sickening squeek and squelch of a very wet socked foot in an equally wet shoe. It was not a good day to start a pity party, but at that moment I really wanted to cry.


As I crossed the street, listening for the sound of my cane slurping through the water, there was a faint sound. A soft meow just behind me.

"Please God," I prayed, "don't let me tread on a cat."

The meow's increased as I stepped onto the sidewalk and turn left. Then like the jump of a fishing rod when the fish strikes, my cane jumped in my hand. It grew instantly heavy. Suddenly I began to panic, had I crossed the wrong road and was now lost. Should I retrace my steps or try to go on? Now I really wanted to cry My cane would not move.

"There shouldn't be a hole here?" I said to myself trying to make progress. The cane would not budge an inch, left or right, forwards or backwards. Then suddenly the cane began vibrating.

Cat Attack!

Problem Solved!

 I began to feel down the vibrating cane. Through the gloom of shadows I started to see a shape, my hand touched a hot soft furry body. The red ball tip of my cane was enveloped by a small cat. He was holding the cane tip against his belly, biting franticly on the ball .

As my hand touched him he gave another soft meow and sprang to his feet and ran off into some nearby bushes.

My heart filled with happiness.I began to see the ridiculousness of the situation. Imagine the headline 'Blindman Attacked! Kitten Questioned."


My walk to work was now no longer a sad slog, my wet foot, totally forgotten. There was something to laugh at even on that. now not so disasterous of days.


If you know someone who needs a smile or laugh, pass it on.


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