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Shhh! It's not a Secret

Updated on February 2, 2012

It was a secret

When I took a parenting class, by choice a few years back; they played a movie/video called "The Secret". I am sure a lot have seen or heard of this by now but, if not let me inform you a little about it. It talked about the law of attraction, whatever you do, feel and think is what you attract. Kind of what you eat is what you are in a sense. I don't know if it was what they said or how they did the video but, after I watched this it made so much sense to me and it changed the way I view certain things, now.

Basically it stated that if you are a negative person you will attract negative people and negative outcomes. Likewise if you are a positive person/thinker then you will attract positive outcomes. Although I already thought that it was better to take a positive look out of every situation, this video put it more into detail and into daily lives that it just blew me away and now I am passing this information to others out there who seek answers to lifes' questions! How, why, what, and etc.

Just watch the video if you haven't seen it because I don't want to give away too much. Also I don't want to write a longgggggg Hub and you don't end up reading it because of the length. So remember It's called "the secret" the law of attraction!


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