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Shingles symptoms contagious

Updated on August 19, 2010

Shingles symptoms

Shingles Symptoms

In zoster shingles (herpes) occur, the symptoms only in limited regions of the body: The symptoms show up only on one side of the body - in contrast to chickenpox, which attack the body. Moreover, the typical rash develops only in the skin area, which is supplied by the affected spinal cord or cranial nerves.

The first shingles symptoms are expressed in a general sense of illness: the people concerned feel tired and have mild fever.

occur after two to three days of intense, burning pain and sensory disturbances in the body area, which is supplied by the infected nerve. Soon after, the reddish skin swells in this area and are formed nodules, which arrange themselves gruppenförmig. Later they are transformed into pinhead to pea-sized bubbles. These vesicles may contain a watery or bloody fluid.

Occasionally these lesions are also missing. In these cases, doctors speak of a zoster sine herpetic. to show the symptoms of shingles on the trunk, it can also lead to paralysis. This form of shingles is rare.

A shingles can occur even in the face - then the varicella-zoster virus is located in the cranial nerves. Especially often the facial nerve (trigeminal nerve) is affected by the Varicella Vaccine: The symptoms develop in the follow-on eye, nose, forehead and scalp a face. If forms on the cornea or the iris of the eye, an ulcer can lead to permanent damage and even blindness.

A shingles in the ear results in up to 60 percent of those affected to a facial palsy (facial paralysis), which regresses completely in some cases. A paralysis of facial muscles is possible even with shingles at the throat.

Shingles Diagnosis

In a shingles (herpes zoster), the diagnosis is clear from the survey of stakeholders to medical history (history) and on the basis of typical symptoms: burning pain and blisters on the skin in certain body regions.

Only in individual cases, the doctor must provide evidence of the pathogen of shingles - the varicella-zoster virus (VZV) cause -. For example, if the symptoms do not clearly point to a herpes zoster. Or even if at the same time the patients present an immunodeficiency, a disease of the central nervous system or pulmonary inflammation.

If an infection withvaricella-zoster virus(VZV) are formed in the human body called antibodies against the virus. In the blood, the increased number of VZV antibody is detected. An examination of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) shows a slight increase in cell number and protein content. This investigation is not necessary in uncomplicated courses. If, however, symptoms such as paralysis or loss of consciousness on, may indicate this on a brain or spinal cord involvement - then the doctor should encourage an investigation of the liquor.

Since shingles occurs frequently in people with weakened immune systems, individuals should also be investigated for primary and concomitant diseases.

Shingles Therapy

Shingles Therapy

In a zoster shingles (herpes) from the therapy aims to relieve the symptoms and shorten the duration of the disease.
You can see colorful pills and tablets.
In a shingles help primarily drugs.

If shingles is detected early by a doctor and treated with medication, can the pain and redness in most cases, alleviate within a few hours. So true: For the first signs of shingles, you should as soon as possible consult a doctor.

The doctor will prescribe medication will usually like the so-called nucleoside analogues that work well against the symptoms of herpes zoster. These include antiviral drugs - so drugs that act selectively against certain viruses, by inhibiting their proliferation. Examples of antivirals are brivudine, acyclovir, famciclovir or valacyclovir. Against the prescribed burning pains you the most additional pain medicine, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as diclofenac.

But you too can do something about the complaints: First and foremost, you should relax and give your body a rest. It is also advisable to maintain the inflamed skin care. There are also various powders and solutions that you can relieve your symptoms. Ask your best doctor or a pharmacist: You can recommend appropriate means.




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