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Should I Take Diet Pills

Updated on March 16, 2010

More often than not, most obese people often resort to dieting as a means of shedding off the extra pounds. Of importance is the fact that there is a thin line between being obese or overweight. All in all, the two conditions put people in positions where they still need to lose weight and there are quite numerous ways in which the objective can be achieved. Therefore, the question left lingering in their minds is should I take diet pills? In cases of a person being overweight, the factors at play usually revolve around the type of food taken, obesity, and genetics, all of which slow down the body's metabolism and therefore lead to fat build up and eventual weight gain or obesity.

Again, the question of should I take diet pills keeps lingering in the minds of the affected ones, and more so the ones who need a quick way out of the problem. Surgery is also a preferred way of weight loss but due to the financial responsibilities accompanying it, most people opt it out and as a result are left with other options. In the early 1950, doctors used to prescribe some weight loss pills that were quite efficient and which were a choice for the few obese people then. The drug would release a chemical that would tune the brain and make a person think that they are full while increasing the body's metabolic rates. As soon as they were found to cause a disease affecting the heart valves as an adverse effect, they were immediately withdrawn from the market by the FDA.

Companies manufacturing diet pills mint millions of dollars each year from desperate patients who would do anything just to lay their hands on them. Most of these people are usually driven by the very appealing thought of just using a drug, without the hassle of going to the gym, and still lose weight in record time. Others still, after observing marked improvements in their partners, friends, or relatives after using the pills, decide to go the same way. However, the very important question that they should be asking themselves before making such a move is should I take diet pills and be like so and so?

This habit has contributed to exponential growth of over the counter drugs, most of which pose great health hazards to their users and which could easily lead to disorders such as urinary tract infections, diarrhea, chest tightness and most fatally stroke which may lead to loss of life if untreated early enough. People should take into consideration their lifestyles and health before starting to use these drugs because their side effects vary from one person to the other. Symptoms develop even after stopping usage of the drugs such as hyperactivity, mood swings and trembling. Therefore, before anyone thinks of rushing to diet pills as a savior, the question that they should always have at the back of their minds is should I take diet pills. Again, they should have armed themselves with the necessary information in regard to the pills that they intend to use.


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