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Should You Get Adult Vaccines?

Updated on October 17, 2016

Viruses or Bacteria

Your immune system creates antibodies every time germs enter your body. The immune system find those germs and attack them. After this fight, the antibodies stay in your bloodstream to be ready if these germs enter your body again.

Did you know that antibodies can kill germs before you get any symptoms of an infection? They also fight the germs they were made for. That is when vaccinations come handy.

The vaccinations or also called immunizations works by giving you germs that are weak or dead. Your body will still make antibodies to fight these germ. Then when the real infection, if any, gets into your body your immune system is ready to fight for you.

  • Vaccines works by making your body believe you have the germs of that vaccine.
  • Your body get to work by creating antibodies for those germs.
  • If you ever get these germs, your body will be ready to protect you.

Are Vaccine safe?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tests vaccines before they are to the public reach. They also are monitored by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as soon as they are in used.

The vaccines protects you from serious diseases like Polio that causes brain damage. Vaccines have helped to get rid of many diseases but the bacteria that causes these diseases still around. Vaccines is our armour against them.


Recommended Immunization for Adults Aged 19 Years or Older:

The Adult Vaccination Schedules provides a summary of the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) recommendations.

For a scheduled table of vaccines you can click HERE.

You can also visit:

If you are pregnant or have health issues talk to your doctor to find out what vaccines are best for you.

Have you get vaccines as an Adult?

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Some vaccines last a lifetime but other ones need to be given more than once with follow-up visits. This visits are usually called boosters.
Some vaccines last a lifetime but other ones need to be given more than once with follow-up visits. This visits are usually called boosters.

Are Vaccines just for kids?

Some people say vaccines are just for kids but the truth is that both children and adults can benefit from vaccines. They are even vaccines just for adults of certain age and some of the vaccines you received when a child will need boosters when you are an adult.

If you would like to know wish vaccines you need, ask your doctor. He would be able to tell you more about wish ones you need in specific detail.

Would the vaccine make me sick?

The vaccine will not give you the disease is made for because it is made of a weak or dead form of the disease. After the vaccine is given, you may feel side effects like aches, fever or pain. These side effects usually last around two days but these doesn't mean you have the disease and that the vaccine didn't work.

Do I still need vaccines if I'm healthy?

Yes, you do if you want to be protected. They are not only for children, sick or elderly people. They are also seasonal viruses like the flu, pneumonia or shingles where you put your self and your loves ones at risk if you don't use vaccines.

Some of the most important Vaccines:

Influenza (Flu)
Protect from flu virus
Protect from Tetanus
Protect from Chickenpox
Needed yearly
Needed every 10 Years
Needed twice if it wasn't given when a child
Protects from Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer
Protects from Shingles
Protects from Measles, Mumps and Rubella
Needed three times
Needed after 60 years old
Needed once if you were born in or after 1957
Pneumococcal 13
Protects from Pneumococcal
Protects from Pneumococcal
Needed after 65 years old if you haven't received it at a younger age or received the PPSV23
Needed 12 months after PCV13

What does vaccine cost?

Depending on you health insurance the out-of-pocket cost for vaccines can vary. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) and Medicare make many vaccines available for free.

Call your health insurance provider, Medicare or Madicaid to find out more information about your out-of-pocket cost. They can also tell you where to go to get the vaccines. For example some of them can be provided at your doctor visit and other even at the pharmacy closed to you.

If you need help with the cost of vaccines ask your doctor what programs can recommend for you.

In conclusion:

There are many reason why you should get vaccines but at the end it is your decision. Overall vaccines have been around for a long time. Remember you can always get professional advice to answer any questions you may have.

Remember vaccines:

  • Will keep you and your loves ones protected
  • You will be healthy and strong to care for those that could get sick
  • In most cases will cost you anything
  • It also will give you peace of mind


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