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"Shuffle It All"

Updated on November 14, 2008

Since the age of two, I have been on the go. My father came home from VietNam just long enough to move my Mom and me to San Diego, where we lived for 2 years. I don't remember much about the trip itself, but my folks talk about the story still. Mainly my mom complaining that driving a 1966 GTO convertible cross country with a small child was not one of the better ideas my dad ever had. Myself, I can't think of a better way to go.

Since that very moment I've had a bit of a gypsy soul. I've had to always see what is over there. I have never refused a chance to move or relocate and what a great time it has been. Paradoxily all I ever wanted were roots. Stange isn't it? Some people never leave their hometowns and they dream of escaping off to somewhere. While others move around searching for a "home." That place, that gives you that sense of belonging. Fablely, that mythical place where life comes together for you. Just like in the movies.

I have got to say that I think no matter where you go, that does pretty much happen. You build a life that is your own, hopefully you become the person that you want to be and life starts to happen for you. Granted maybe not always the "perfect life," but it is your life and you wouldn't regret a moment of it. Even back in my "less than stellar days" I still have some memories of events that make me kind of smile. Hell, just back in my Las Vegas days a lone; I could probably write a story that would even make Hunter S. Thompson smile with devilish delite. Or maybe some of my wild moments while living in Albuquerque which were quite frightening now looking back. Ahh...good times.

Deep inside I know that my mind maybe glamorizings the actual events from how they may had happened. Truth be known I had always run a little wild and lived sort of "outside the box" anyway. I've been surrounded most of my life with free thinkers and the "fringe" of the mainstream. So I've been used to making up the rules as I go along. Even my grandfather was a man who was described as "a little ahead of his time" by many.

I may not have alway been proud of what I have done, but I've always had a sense of pride in where I have come from, where I am right now, and I have delighted in who it has made me become.

"Shuffle It All" by Izzy Stradlin & Jimmy Ashhurst

Boredom saturation

It's a never ending clue

Isn't just to fill the time

When there's nothing else to do

She drove on out of New York

She had enough insane

And drivin' just though Texas two days

She ended up in L.A.

Shuffle it all

Shuffle it all, yeah

Shuffle it all

Pack up your life again

A pile of records spread out

The covers still look good

Picture here a Peter Tosh's

startin' down and a smokin' wood

My dog dreaming is running

I see him twitch a paw

My woman playing Dr. Mario

On the TV all night long

Just another cigarette

Staring at the moon, yeah

Then I'm headin' off to bed

Sleepin' without you, yeah

Shuffle it all

Shuffle it all, yeah

Pack up your bags again

It's a long and winding road

Sure enjoy the view, yeah

If you want to see it

Just slow down

You're so welcome to come along

Lookin' for a tune to play

I'm gonna see it again

When the day is over

Try to write you 'bout the rain

Feel the motors winding on

There ain't no news

If you see those old friends out there

Tell them that I send my love

Wake up, time to leave again

Try to find my shoes

Put the luggage in the van

Roll up your Doctor Dolittle

Shuffle it all

Shuffle it all, yeah

Shuffle it all

Pack up your things again

Shuffle it all (Keep movin' along)

Shuffle it all (Keep movin' along)

Shuffle it all (Keep movin' along)

Pack up your life again

Keep on shufflin'

The Video

1966 GTO Convertible


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  • trish1048 profile image

    trish1048 9 years ago

    I share the paradox. Born and raised in NJ, and still here. As I've gotten older I've fantasized about living somewhere else, some other state, what it would be like, however, my roots keep me here. I was fortunate to have traveled a lot in my lifetime. As a child, we drove across country a few times visiting relatives. As an adult I made the drive myself and got to appreciate our beautiful country in a way I couldn't as a child. I've also taken a cruise. As much as I would love to see Europe, my fear of flying keeps me here. I have moved several times and you are right that no matter where you end up, home is home.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • jim10 profile image

    jim10 9 years ago from ma

    Beautiful Car. Alas I had to part with my 1968 Camaro a few years back. It still makes me sad. I have never moved very far. I feel a little tied down with the kids but my wife has wanted to move in the past. Most of our family is in MA and we are very close. I like that I bring my sons to my grandparents every weekend and we can all get together pretty easily. If I could get an amazing job at Disney or in Hawaii. I might consider moving to be worth it. But, as of right now I am very happy where we are. My oldest sun burns as soon as we walk outside so down South might be kind of difficult. It seems to go with the cute red hair. I hope to travel a lot someday though.