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Side Effects of Birth Control Mirena IUD

Updated on March 23, 2012
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Side effects of Mirena.
Side effects of Mirena. | Source

Here are a few of the confirmed side effects/problems of the Mirena IUD. These are documented on the Mirena and other websites.

If you ever have problems with your Mirena IUD, make sure to talk to your doctor. They can catch a big problem quicker than looking on the Internet. Severe pain and bleeding are not normal.

For more information on the Mirena IUD, visit their official website.

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Naturally, if you think you may be pregnant, do NOT have Mirena placed. Have your doctor check for possible pregnancy. They usually do this anyway.

Also make sure you do not have an infection prior to having Mirena placed.

You really shouldn't smoke cigarettes when using most forms of birth control like Mirena or even The Pill.

If you are allergic to silicone, polyethylene or levonorgestrel, Mirena is not a good idea to use.

(PID) Pelvic inflammatory disease:

PID is a serious, possibly fatal condition. PID is caused when bacteria enter the reproductive organs. It can cause infertility and even death.

The Mirena website claims that less than 1% of women experience this while using the IUD.


Sepsis may occur after placement of the IUD. If you have severe pain contact your doctor immediately.


This is when the IUD becomes attached, for lack of better words, to the wall of your uterus. You may require surgery to have the IUD removed.


Mirena can perforate the wall of your uterus. In worst case scenarios, Mirena can actually leave the area it is supposed to be and damage your other internal organs. Surgery may be required to remove Mirena, should this occur.

Ectopic Pregnancy:

If you get pregnant while using Mirena, you may have an ectopic pregnancy. This is when instead of normal placement (ectopic in an abnormal place or position), your baby may end up in your fallopian tubes. This usually requires surgery to remove the fertilized egg as it cannot develop correctly there.

Normal implantation in the uterus is still dangerous and can cause miscarriage, infection, premature birth, and even death. Tell your doctor immediately if you might be pregnant.


After having Mirena placed, it might decide to pop out on its own. Always check inside yourself, like the doctor shows you, to make sure Mirena is still in place.

Painful Placement:

It can hurt pretty bad to have Mirena placed/removed. This varies from patient to patient and from doctor to doctor. If your doctor is usually rough, chances are they will cause more pain while placing Mirena. Let them know if they are hurting you badly. If the pain is easily tolerated, it is probably fine.


You may cramp during and after having Mirena placed. This is pretty normal. If the pain becomes severe, tell your doctor as there could be a serious problem.


You may spot or bleed a bit after they place Mirena. This is considered normal. A lot of blood is not and you should contact your doctor, just in case.


This is another issue I had with Mirena. It caused painful cysts inside me. According to the Mirena website, more than 10% of the women using Mirena end up with these cysts.

According to the Mirena website, less than 5% of women experience;

Bloating, bleeding, bloating, anemia, painful intercourse, decrease in sex drive, inflamed cervix, vagina and vulva, hair loss or odd hair growth, high blood pressure, weight increase, back pain, pelvic pain while on period, hands and feet swelling, nervousness, nausea, vaginal discharge, and breast tenderness and pain.

Between 5% and 10% of women experience;

Depression, acne, migraines, and prolonged and/or heavy menstrual bleeding.

There are more side effects and precautions listed on their website.

My Experience with Mirena IUD:

Personally I had a terrible problem with the device. I held on to thirty pounds of extra weight, had terrible, cystic acne, hair loss, hair growing in places it shouldn't have, dizzy spells, terrible pain during intercourse, bleeding, cramping, anemia, discharge, nausea, high blood pressure, TERRIBLE mood swings, cysts, feelings of doom (yes, DOOM), and many more.

As soon as I had my Mirena taken out, my stomach stopped feeling bloated and in about three days it went back to being FLAT. While I had Mirena in place, I kicked my butt working out, to no avail. I am smart enough to know how to exercise so it wasn't because I was doing it wrong and not eating right.

After a few weeks I had LOST thirty pounds. No change in my daily life, it just fell off. I am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Just a bit flabby now though.

I have been taking photos of me before Mirena was removed, after Mirena was removed and then one with me after doing ballet to tone up. That will be another Hub though. The difference is so huge I cannot even believe it. As soon as I get in gear with the ballet and tone up, I will post my after Mirena weight-loss Hub.

I've started to catch a bit of grief for posting my negative experiences with the Mirena IUD. If you have a problem with someone speaking the truth, just click off my articles and make us both happy.

If you're worried about this and my other Hubs scaring people from getting the IUD, maybe you should ask yourself why are they scared? If you were about to grab a rattlesnake, I would warn you about the effects of the venom. Hopefully it would scare you or at least make you a bit more careful when handling it.

The fact remains that a lot of the women are told by their doctors there will be no side effects or that the effects will be mild. I know this from personal experience. I have read enough comments and spoken to enough women to know they are not being told what could happen, and that it happening is a very real issue.

Any inflammatory remarks or threats or how-dare-yous will be deleted and not posted into MY comments section. This is a personal HubPage and I intend to keep a bit of honest, polite free speech.


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    • profile image

      Krystal 7 months ago

      Thank you so much for ur info I've been going thru the EXACT same things and it's only getting worse. Mine actually cut my bf during intercourse and I'm having mine removed immediately! Thank you again so much for sharing ur experience n input!

    • profile image

      Patti 18 months ago

      I have the Mirena right now and the agree with you , I feel insane , my stomach is bloating all the time, I feel nauseous, and I been having this thing for a 13 months I been haven my period since the first day for 10 day each month... I have no sex drive ... I feel out of me... :(

    • cndngal profile image

      cndngal 5 years ago

      It has been three weeks tomorrow since I had the Mirena removed. It took exactly 2 weeks to have a full blown period. I bled massive for 3 days, then it slowed down for three, now today it started worse than ever. I have also had a migraine headache for 3 days. I am going crazy with not knowing what is going to happen moment to moment. Clots are about golf ball size. Not sure if I should go to the doctor at this point. Any suggestions?

    • nifwlseirff profile image

      Kymberly Fergusson 5 years ago from Villingen Schwenningen, Germany

      There are certainly side effects to any form of medication. And you need to weigh the side effects against the benefits.

      I've had the this for 8 years now, and cycle replacements every 4 years, because my main reason is for the local hormone dosing.

      I had exceptionally bad endometriosis (diffuse level 5, 6 operations), and severe adenomyosis. The mirena is controlling the endo regrowth well, and the adeno growth to a lesser extent.

      Without the mirena, I bleed constantly, heavily, with loads of pain, and the endo/adeno grows quickly. For me, the mirena has had fewer severe side effects than the other medications I had been on to try to treat/control the endo/adeno.

      I'm still too young to opt for a total hyster, so the benefits of living a life closer to normal (I also have fibro and PTSD), with a much reduce painkiller use outweighs the side effects.

      An increased exercise, stricter diet has helped somewhat with bloat and weight gain issues, and I just put up with the awful skin and mood swings.

    • profile image

      katie maria 6 years ago

      This is for agne from 2 mos could u have your mirena for 15 years it needs to be removed at 5 or you could have the copper iud which is 10 .

    • profile image

      Oremie B 6 years ago

      I have a Mirena coil fitted for heavy, severe periods. I have had minor side effects, but nothing serious.

      I agree there is nothing more important than telling the truth especially about medical issues. It disturbs me actually how so few people these days can take the truth. It's as if they think they might die if they hear any kind of negative truth! It drives me crazy! I think people latch on to being positive by force like other people latch on to religion, it's something to hold on to (lack of inner strength if you ask me). It's ridiculous maybe I should write a hub on the subject. I have done hubs on similar subjects and have left comments on hubs about negativity versus positivity.

    • profile image

      Ange 6 years ago

      just had Merina removed after.... wait for it .....15 years! had no idea the feelings of depression, weight gain, sluggishness (i could go on, and on) were all related to this coil, until i found this and many more forums! it was a major tumble weed moment. It is day 6 after removal and although i have slumpt in emotion i am feeling less bloated and less anxious already, i will keep you posted if there is weight loss and any other improvements.