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Signs of Cancer in Women - Signs to Look for for Early Detection

Updated on July 4, 2014

General Signs of Cancer in Women

Although research generally indicates that women tend to pay attention to health issues and to have them checked out more regularly than men, there are a number of telltale signs of cancer that women tend to miss or ignore.

1. Unexplained Weight Loss as a sign of cancer in women

Far be it to look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak, but we generally tend to see unexplained weight loss as a gift rather than a warning sign. The truth is that changes in weight, when they are not as a result of dietary changes, are normally an important warning sign of underlying problems. A sudden loss of appetite or weight is often a sign of serious disease and shouldn't bee seen as a bonus. It may not be cancer and could be an overactive thyroid, but either way, you should schedule an appointment with your physician to rule out any serious conditions as the cause.

2. Persistent Bloating as a sign of cancer in women

Bloating is quite a common condition and bloating in women can often be associated with hormonal fluctuations or your menstrual period but persistent bloating can be a sign of underlying ovarian cancer. Don't just assume you're storing water and if bloating is persistent then you should make an appointment with your physician.

3. Bleeding or unusual discharges as a sign of cancer in women

We often ignore spotting between period or discharges. Irregular bleeding could be a sign of endometrial cancer or a sign of colorectal cancer. Once again, discharges or bleeding after menopause or during periods should be checked out to rule other more serious conditions.

4. Difficulty Swallowing could be a sign of cancer in women

One of the signs of Gastro-Intestinal cancer is a change in swallowing or difficulty swallowing.

5. Chronic Fatigue as a Sign of Cancer in Women

Most mothers, wives, daughters and sisters I know are constantly burning the candle at both ends so its no wonder we are tired, which is why women tend to ignore chronic fatigue as a symptoms of an underlying disease. The truth is that chronic fatigue is often a symptom of a serious underlying condition and if you are tired at the start of the day, then it's best to seek a professional opinion to rule out any chronic conditions like cancer.

You should also be aware of and pay attention to breast cancer symptoms in women.

Signs of Cancer in Women


Catching Early Warning Signs

Paying attention to general changes in your health and lifestyle will allow you to catch the early warning signs of cancer. early detection is often the key to beating the disease.

It is therefore important to pay attention to your body and any unexplained changes you may observe. Schedule a checkup regularly to help you detect any conditions.

If you notice an unexplained change, visit your local physician and discuss the change. It may be something really benign and simple, but its better to be safe than sorry.

Irrespective of the disorder or disease, early detection can help to make treatment much much easier in the long run and far less harmful to your body.

Have you ignored the signs of cancer in women?

Have you ignored these signals in the past?

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Would You Recognize the Signs of Cancer in Women

Have you seen sudden weight loss as a gift rather than a warning sign. Or ignored spotting or bloating. Or assumed that you are tired because of the amount of responsibility you have and the things you haven't done?

I know I've ignored a few of these on many occasions. Luckily I don't have cancer but since one in three of us are diagnosed with cancer, they are warning signs I will not ignore in the future. A simple checkup to locate the underlying source gives you peace of mind and also gives you the best chance of beating the disease, if you are unlucky enough to be diagnosed with cancer.

Signs of Cancer in Women

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What to do if it is cancer

1. Don't panic

2. Get a second opinion

3. Start researching

4. Join support groups in your local area

What to do if Warning Signs of Cancer are Cancer

Although we are all different, most of us react in a similar way when you hear the news, "You have cancer." You feel shocked, angry, you react with disbelief, and then the fear sets in. You mind goes at a thousand thoughts a minute. Because generally we associate a cancer diagnosis with a death sentence. A very choking unfair expiration date on our lives.

The truth is cancer can be beaten. If you are diagnosed with the disease then:

1. Don't Panic - There is hope, there are successful treatments

2. Get a second opinion if you don't feel one hundred percent confident in the physician's ability to help you. The truth is that mindset plays an extremely important role in beating the disease and the placebo effect is alive an well in the treatment of cancer. You may not have heard of the nocebo effect, but this effect says that where someone has no confidence in the cure, the cure is not as efficient - in other words if you don't have confidence in your doctor your treatment may fail purely because of your lack of confidence.

3. Do you homework.
Start reading up on all the therapies available. Doctors will tell you natural therapies are anecdotal and naturalists will tell you that mainstream medicine is killing us but the truth lies between these two extremes. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can help to eliminate the short term problem but if you want to survive in the long run then you need to add the natural healing approaches that rebuild the immune system, bolster the body and help you to become healthy again.

Read about what cachexia is, and alternative approaches to cancer. They may not kill the cancer itself but they will help you rebuild your health and well-being.

Signs of Cancer in Women

Signs of Cancer
Unusual Discahrges
Persistent ahces or pains
Changes in the breast
Unusual Bleeding
Unexplained weight loss
Difficulty swallowing

Top 10 Signs of Cancer in Women

Signs of Cancer in Women

The signs of cancer in women discussed above are very easy to miss. I mean who wouldn't love to lose a few pounds without trying? But the truth is that the body talks to you in terms of symptoms. We have to start seeing symptoms as warning lights from the body that something needs maintenance or a checkup.

You are not alone

Keep an eye out for signs of cancer in women

The body is built to remain healthy and happy and changes in weight, sleep, or any other physical conditions are a sign that something has changed. This is great when you are consciously changing things to improve health, but when you haven't changed anything that you know of then you shouldn't just assume you are tired for no reason or that you are gaining or losing weight based on some big cosmic lottery system.

By keeping an eye on your body and paying attention to symptoms, you take responsibility for your own health and well-being. Catching cancer early gives you the best chance for beating the disease. And remember, you are not alone. One in three people are being diagnosed with cancer so speak to others, learn from them and above all believe you can beat this disease.


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