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Signs of Emotional Eating

Updated on March 26, 2010

Are you an emotional eater?

Emotional eating can sabotage your weight loss efforts.  It leads to a life of binging and yo yo dieting.  People who are emotional eaters most of the time can never have permanent weight loss.  So the question is "how do I know if I'm a emotional eater?"

Signs of emotional eating:

  1. Your hunger comes on suddenly.  Natural hunger comes on gradually in between meals, but emotional hunger is all of a sudden.
  2. You crave certain foods that are not good for you. Cravings for specific, usually unhealthy foods is a sign of emotional eating. Often people like the rush they get from satisfying their cravings. That rush is fulfilling emotional hunger.
  3. Your hunger feels urgent and you will do whatever you have to, to satisfy the need.  Have you ever gone out of your way to find what you want to eat, or left your house late at night to buy it? 
  4. You feel hungry when you are upset.  Physical hunger is never paired with emotions.  If you were upset at one point of the day and are now craving something then that is a big sign of emotional eating. 
  5. Unconscious eating.  Do you sometimes find yourself eating "just because".  Do you eat while you are watching television even if you are not hungry. 
  6. Over eating. Do you keep eating after a meal even though you are full.  Will you eat more food, just because it tastes so good, but you know you shouldn't.
  7. After feeding your craving you often feel regret or guilty.  When you had a certain craving and then ate whatever that was you were craving, do you feel guilty?  Or do you feel like you regret eating that and you have now screwed up?

If you can relate to any of these above, then you are more then likely an emotional eating.  All of these questions are never associated with real, physical hunger. 

So I'm sure that your next question is, "will I always be an emotional eater, or is their help for me?"  Yes there is help.  And with this help you can put an end to binging and achieve permanent weight loss. 

Quiz: Are you an emotional eater?

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Quiz Results

If you scored below 50% then you more then likely are an emotional eater and this could be the only thing holding you back from the body you desire.

If you scored more then 50% then you are not an emotional eater. If you are over weight then this is not your problem. You may need to know "how to get started" or learn some strategies to loosing weight.

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