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Make your own Silver solution for immunity boosting (or as Werewolf Repellant)

Updated on January 13, 2014

Halloween, Samhain, All Souls Day --It's coming

Make your own inexpensive Silver Solution

With things in the world like swine flu ( H1N1 ), bird flu, common colds, streptococcus, mono-nucleosis, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Military Biological Warfare Research and Darwinism, Catholicism and Satanism, cramps, nausea, bloating, diarrhea, diabetes, dictators, dirty diapers, and Dianetics-- ... limps, lumps, twitches, tourette syndrome, --crossed-eyes, lazy-eyes and evil-eyes, poltergeists and triskaidekaphobia... (* GASP *) McDonalds, Wendy's, and Burger King, curvature of the spine, shingles, pepperoni, slim-jims and or beef jerkey, hiccups and flatulance... I personally would like to boost my immune system strength in any way I can.

Here I show you the simplest and cheapest way to make a silver solution with the tools most of us have available. For those of you who have checked into purchasing colloidal silver at retail prices it can be prohibitive, or just impractical. As our decidedly precarious financial future accompanied with a simultaneously dubious health care system looms larger, we should use or explore all the possible practical tools available in our health maintenance. Yes? Silver looks like it can help you stay healthier and increase disease resistance with minimal or non-existent side effects. (I'll discuss the "turning-blue" thing later)(it'll Be Okay...- seriously).

Besides, Halloween is coming, and you know what that means- Werewolves.

People have always claimed that there is a curative or healthful benefit to drinking Mineral Water. And beyond that one simple statement there is a whole WORLD of debate as to what minerals are good, best, or useless and what quantity should be ingested or applied topically. For that matter, some people would even debate whether it should be taken as the moon is waxing or waning. Silver solutions, or colloidal silver is one of the minerals thrown around the internet a lot lately. I do use silver, myself. And in the world of alternative medicine and naturopathic, herbal or shamanistic slash New Age healing there is much room for argumentation and debate. Yes, I am aware that this does end up involving matters of human behavior or perception, such as the "Placebo Effect" and "Hypochondria" etc.

I am not writing this to start (OR finish) any major debates.

I will not claim that it is a potent natural antibiotic and antiviral that does not harm your own immune system either, although many claim this to be true. I simply present this as a guide to one way of making one type of a mineral water. A silver solution that I will make no great preachy-curative-claims about, but I will say it is one I make and use myself with -apparently- some success as a health benefit -a completely anecdotal statement. And if any "results" are from the Placebo Effect, then... was it a Placebo? Or does it really matter? After all, if you just tricked yourself into feeling better or even actually healing, then by definition I suppose it worked and is actually a tribute to the power of the human mind -So Be It.

Great claims ARE made for silver in solution, but I do think some people hype it too much. I'm a middle-of-the-road type. A lot of people are very afraid of getting sick, especially people with fragile immune systems, and who can blame them? God KNOWS what I could be getting into tomorrow, whom I may shake hands with, and - I may even not-wash my hands afterward... But I am NOT claiming silver will make your daughters gothic-boyfriend go away, or cure warts.

Unless of course, you write and TELL ME it made your warts go away. In which case, good for you. I am not even being flippant, it is said this has anti-viral properties, and warts are caused by virus. So, it's possible.

Some people claim Silver will make the dead walk. But then, there are also people who claim McDonalds made them fat. (Go eat a carrot and WALK for a change!). Silver will NOT cure stuttering, it MIGHT cure halitosis... try it, see for yourself, and let me know if it cured blindness in your pet cat. From what I can see, I think it helps me resist colds and sore throats, possibly the flu, and that's about all I can say about it. So...

Fun with Electrolysis

The common (desired) end result of silver electrolysis is creation of a solution (either a mixture or compound) of silver ions or atoms or molecules depending on what solution the particles are introduced to, and if there is some sort of chemical reaction with the solution or matrix. The idea here for our purposes, is you start with electricity (three 9-volt batteries) pure silver, and pure water. Those are your raw materials. Silver, when it is pushed off an electrode by electricity is as a "charged particle" or ion. The electricity supplied the force to coerce the silver to move from the silver electrode, into the water. If you remember your high school chemistry, individual atoms have (usually) a balanced "net charge" of zero, between an equal number of protons in the nucleus, and electrons in the outer orbitals of the atom. If there is a loss (or gain) of electrons from the electrolytic forces moving silver, the atom has a "net charge" now and is called a silver-ion, or ionic-silver. So you have a solution with silver (ions) in it now. Just water and silver.

Another way of creating a solution or mixture of silver is by chemical means. As when you dissolve silver with another chemical and it joins with that chemical. We are not out to make a silver based chemical that incorporates silver, as in the old days when they made salts of silver. Salts of silver is what was used in older times and silver-salts tend to bind with proteins more and is likely the major source of the phrase "blue-bloods", with respect to actually changing a persons color. Only the rich could afford such things, as well as the "silver-spoon in their mouths" which each one was born with. (Yes, boosting immunity and plague-resistance was the reason silverware was given as a gift to a new baby in wealthy families.) Fear of plague is what made people take SO MUCH silver that they literally would discolor their bodies. Anywhere from blue-ish pallor, with blue-grey fingernail beds, to a much darker hue, depending on the degree of silver-salts consumption. Even in recent times, there have been individuals who have been afraid of imminent death due to some health issue and they over-use silver to the point they turn a dark blue. Silver in solution is notoriously NON-lethal and non-toxic and you CAN consume absolutely huge quantities of it with no ill effect.

...Except that you change color.

Just do not drink it by the quart. ...please. Add a teaspoon or 3 a day to a glass of water, or take it straight. And you will be FINE.

We -do not want to make compounds- of silver, so we use pure DISTILLED water, and pure silver electrodes. You can buy distilled water for a dollar or two per gallon at a local drug store. And you can order silver electrodes that are already made to attach to 9-volt batteries from various websites like utopiasilver dot com. (No I do not make money from that site, I just order my own electrodes from them.) The silver will cost you $13.00 and you can make many many gallons with those electrodes. You need 3 (9-volt) batteries. Buy your batteries at a dollar store if you can, you will be able to make at least 2 batches and possibly 4 with those 3 batteries. I make my silver in quantities that are drinking glass sized and I transfer it to long term storage bottles.



Take a tall glass, fill it with distilled water nearly to the top. Plug the three batteries together positive to negative and then attach the two electrodes to the two remaining terminals. Place the batteries atop the glass, submerging the terminals in the water, and wait approximately an hour. And you've made a batch of silver solution.



Do not use tap water, or bottled water (too much junk in it). only DISTILLED WATER. No, not filtered water either. DISTILLED water.

Logically, make sure everything is CLEAN. I even prefer to rinse the clean glass with a splash of distilled water before I start. I like to set a timer to check the solution at 15 minute intervals so I don't forget about it. Usually, as the process starts becoming more vigorous, a build-up of silver oxidation gathers on one electrode (more than the other) and I pull it out, wipe it, and resubmerge it to continue the process.

At first you will see NO reaction. Pure water doesn't really conduct electricity well at all. It's the junk in water (ions, minerals, organics) that allow electricity to flow in it. So, it takes a while for it to "get going". After about half an hour, you should be seeing something that looks like wisps of "smoke" in the water coming from an electrode. After a while, it becomes more active. I like to clean the electrodes at least once through the process. After you become comfortable with the process you can stop it just before the silver is really visible in the water. I've stopped the electrolysis at a point when the water is clear. Taken the electrodes out, and an hour or two later the liquid turns an amber color. Silver water may or may not be amber colored. In the photo I have here, you can see an amber solution. I made it a little on the "strong" side so you can clearly see it. But you don't have to go that far with it. I also include a photo of what happens if you FORGET the electrodes in the water. It actually will make a surprising mess. There can be a LOT of oxidative reaction building up on the electrode. You'll have to remake the batch and totally scrub and clean the electrodes and glass to get everything clean again. After every batch, there is oxidation on the electrodes to remove. It's merely a matter of how much oxidation.

Is it SAFE?

Is kissing the opposite sex safe? Is smoking safe? Is playing in traffic safe? The answer for those last three questions is NO. But we do it anyway. Is making silver like this safe? Based on the fact that there can be negative side effects to ANYTHING we do in life, and it STILL has a benefit. I am going to risk saying YES, making silver like this is safe. I've been doing it exactly like this for 10 years. I have not turned blue yet. But I HAVE turned Orange with Pink Stripes...

Just Kidding.

There are NO ill side effects that I have to report. Nor do many other people. Check the anecdotal evidence you can find both in books and on the web. But I warn you, SOME people are litterally like religious nuts about it. I'm not. I just use the stuff. It seems to work.

IF the bubonic plague happens to re-emerge as an antibiotically resistant version and threaten to run rampant across the United States. And if "they" -(the proverbial 'they' whoever 'they' are)- quarantine Long Island, and as my neighbors begin dropping like flies. Yes, you can bet your bippy I WILL be turning "blue". I'll probably swim in the stuff. But ...seriously

After you've done this a couple of times, you get a feel for it. When I am done "cooking" it, I transfer the liquid to long term containers. If there are any oxidized solids in it, you can filter it through a coffee filter. In my own case, the solids are usually on the bottom so I just pour the majority of solution off, leaving some with the solids at the bottom. And I'm done.

How do you determine potency?

If you want to be truly technical about it. Many people make it at a potency of 10 to 15 parts per million. You can check this by purchasing a meter designed to measure it accurately. Again, you can find such a meter, at a good price, at any website supplying for such activities like the utopiasilver site I mention above. Now I just let the setup run for about 45 minutes to an hour and that's about the right potency. To use the silver solution I chose to dilute it in a glass of drinking water as I'm taking vitamins in the morning, or sipping water in the afternoon. Once in a while I take it straight, but not often.

Positive/Negative for 9v Batteries

Amber Storage Bottles

Replacement Positive Electrodes

Utopia Silver sells electodes in positive and negative PAIRS. But, it also sells individual replacement Positive Electrodes... why? Well, because it is the Positive Electrode, which electrolyzes into the water. In other words... it DISSOLVES, via electricity, into the water.

After a while, you will notice the positive electrode getting skinnier and skinnier... that is because the silver is being driven off the electrode, into the water, over time. After you have made several batches, the electrode will begin to be useless, after it is too small.

The negative electrode will be mostly intact, though over the longer term you WILL wish to eventually replace it.

This is what happens if you FORGET to check it and it runs for hours!
This is what happens if you FORGET to check it and it runs for hours!

In Conclusion

I realize that there are potentially many questions and conditions not covered here. I've presented the basics so you have an idea of how to go about making the stuff. You can read tons of information on the web. Both FOR the use of silver solution as a health aid, and AGAINST it's use as quackery. I'm not going to get into any heated argument about it. I use it and have been for the last 10 years. I like to pour myself a glass of cold filtered water from my Brita pitcher, and then I just pour a tiny splash from the bottle into a glass of water once or twice a day, by eyeball. When I do not use it regularly I seem to get a cold within a month or 2. When I use it, I go for MONTHS without symptoms of any type. Coincidence? Perhaps. Power of suggestion? Perhaps. Does it "work"? Apparently- -in accordance with all I've already mentioned.

Turning blue? The condition is known as argyria. It is somewhat used as an example to NOT take silver. But I truly do feel that silver gets a negative rap that FAR exceeds the "danger". There really is no danger. JUST DON'T DRINK IT BY THE QUART! Even if you do, it won't kill you, it turns you into a SMURF! Cigarettes and Alcohol are more toxic with respect to their relative benefit. (You did know alcohol is a neurotoxin? Right?) Silver's benefits outweigh any negatives or it would be off the shelves of retail stores. And as stated, historically speaking, it is an antiviral and antibiotic.

So there you have it. Try it.

I am strong, fit, I exercise, run for miles and have great blood pressure. And I'm closer to 50 than 40. I think the silver helps. But I do not claim to know everything either. I DO know there is a lot of detail that CAN be picked at here. Technical details not dogmatically or obsessively covered.

And by the way, any appearance of irreverence on my part is simply my natural urge to not appear dogmatic and know-it-allish. I care greatly about what I put into my body. And I think I'm doing fairly well. I try to take a practical point of view. So for individuals who may need, want, and desire good health and also do not have a lot of money... or who do not even have health coverage perhaps. This could help. You must decide of course, ultimately for yourselves. Read some other topics on it. I'm just providing my little piece here. I've been doing it this way for 10 years. I'm reasonably satisfied with it.

And don't forget, even if it can't CURE lycanthropy, it could be just what you need to hold those creatures of the night at bay. So, buy some squirt guns, for when the moon comes out.


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  • stvrich profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from East Rockaway - Long Island - Planet: Earth ~

    You're welcome Alice.

  • Alice in Wonder profile image

    Alice in Wonder 

    7 years ago from South Texas

    thank you for the fundamentals of making silver. I've read on it's benefits, but purchasing was costly.

    being, "reaching for 50 now", I am on a journey in keeping and strenghting my health.

    Thanks Again for Sharing.


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