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Simple Steps On How to Undo the Blues

Updated on January 24, 2020

A lot of times, when you have a daunting task to complete, usually something that requires a great deal of focus, concentration, and energy, you feel as though you aren´t up for it and that there´s no way you can finish it. Such a task can be related to a professional job, school, or even exercise, and thinking about it drains all your energy. You end up procrastinating for days and not doing it at all. Your problem could be a lack of motivation, with the end result being "the blues".

Don´t fear though, all is not lost, as there are certain habits you can adopt to get that much-needed energy boost. A great place to start is by following the 11 steps below to help alleviate this feeling of the blues.

1. Get Started:
Sometimes all you need to do to get your juices flowing is get up and get started. Yes, taking that first step in whatever task is at hand will help a great deal in motivating you to finish. Type that first sentence or put on your running gear and you will realize that everything seems more difficult before you actually begin. Just as a long journey cannot start without that one single step, there are times when all it takes to get everything flowing is taking that first step.

2. Acknowledge your Continuing Progress:
If you have an immense task at hand, the best way to accomplish said task is by splitting it into easily achievable, smaller projects and keep track of your progress over a period of time. Sometimes, it may seem as though you have not done very much, which may be discouraging because human beings, tend to want things to happen all at once. We only allow ourselves to feel satisfied once we see that the task at hand is complete, but this kind of mindset drains us of our motivation. It is imperative to, not only, track, but recognize the progress you have made, where you are in the project, and how far you have to go before it is completed. Recognizing whatever progress you have made, no matter how small, will motivate you to take another step, then another, and another, which leads you closer and closer to your goal.

3. Reward yourself:
Celebrate your progress by rewarding yourself! There is nothing better than some positive reinforcement to keep you going. When you first get started on a task and set your goals, also decide on rewards for yourself each time you accomplish a specific goal. It doesn´t have to be an expensive reward; it could be something as simple as taking a break to nap or buying you some chocolate. Ensure that you reward yourself only after making considerable progress; otherwise, such rewards will begin to seem meaningless after a while. After completing the entirety of your task, treat yourself to a bigger reward: take that road trip with your friends or buy yourself that leather jacket you´ve been wanting.

4. Take a Different Approach:
Sometimes, it can be your approach to a task that demotivates you. Ask yourself, is the approach giving the results I want? Or am I always using the same old method? If so, then it´s time to take a different approach. In most cases, there´s more than one way of doing something. Venture away from what is routine and try a new way of carrying out your task. Find a way of making your new approach fun (yes, most tasks have the potential to be enjoyable) and you will find this works wonders for your motivation.

5. Get Support:
In a situation where the task at hand may be too big for you to accomplish alone, don´t be afraid to ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness to request assistance when the need arises. The help you need may be in the form of actual labor or, simply, moral support from your friends and family. Such emotional support can be a great motivator, thus you should try to establish a network of support from which you can draw inspiration.

6. Be Positive:
Maintain a positive attitude. Negativity drains. Filter your thoughts. Be aware of the negative thoughts and attitudes that plague you, and start replacing them with positive ones. A positive attitude really does breed motivation. Couple this attitude with a drive to never give up, even when you are running low on motivation, and you will find yourself overcoming even the most daunting tasks.

7. Be Optimistic:
You have heard before that it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. With this in mind, it´s probably worth giving optimism a try, in order to find the balance you need when working.

8. Avoid Overthinking:
It doesn´t pay to be a worrywart. In fact, it ages you tremendously. Stop dwelling on an incident and try thinking of a solution. This approach will get you out of a situation faster.

9. Positively Condition Yourself:
Start each day with an inspiring mantra, enriching music, or upbeat fitness podcast to ensure you put your best foot forward. This goes a long way in empowering you to achieve your fitness and nutritional goals.

10. The Past is the Past:
It´s called the past for a reason! Your past is there to teach you, not to hold you back. It should help you make better decisions, not prevent you from making any at all.

11. Fake It ´til You Make It:
If all else fails, you could try tricking yourself into being more confident. Consciously start by improving your posture, walking faster, speaking in a more positive tone, or even just smiling more.

Finally, when you acknowledge your work, reward yourself, ask for help and support, remain positive, and leave the past in the past, you will defeat "the blues" and reap the benefits of having a positive outlook on life. This, in turn, will help spread positivity all around you!


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