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Simple Tips for Peaceful Sleep?

Updated on June 14, 2013

These work

Lots of times, I need some help to get sleep and found that these things really work.

  1. To counter noise, run an ordinary household fan. The resulting white noise helps cancel out the ambient sounds. You may try ear plugs as well if that isn't enough. Get them at your local drug store or building centre.
  2. One aspirin or other pain killer with a liquid to wash it down.
  3. A nice stiff drink of straight alcohol poured over ice or a glass of wine, if you prefer.
  4. Do some simple aerobic exercises before you go to bed to relieve pent up tension. Release of tension results in a better sleep. There are lots of other ways to do this, too.
  5. Warm milk with a little butter and honey.
  6. Take a walk before you go to bed.
  7. Watch a car race on television. The engine drone will put you to sleep. Make a recording of one on any Sunday when you are not at home.
  8. Play a round of golf before you go to bed or nap. Any exercise in the fresh air makes sleeping peacefully more likely.
  9. Go shopping at the mall for 3 or 4 hours.
  10. Do number 3 repeatedly until you fall asleep. This one is the most effective.

What to Avoid

Caffeine keeps me up so I avoid drinking coffee or tea around mid-afternoon. I don't drink colas anymore but they are just as bad as coffee. Needless to say any of the so-called energy drinks are also not a great idea. Back in the day, all of these would have been in my bag of tricks especially in university when you wanted to stay up late. Sometimes I even studied.

Invest in a good mattress

It is hard to fall asleep on an uncomfortable mattress. A high quality mattress is a good investment since you will keep it a very long time and your cost per year of use goes down over time. Make sure you flip your mattress every six months. Since most quality mattresses are pillow-topped for added comfort you can only just turn them end to end so you really don't flip them anymore like the old style where you would flip and turn the mattress.

You also should invest in a quality pillow. Determine if you are a side or back sleeper mostly. The former will need a stiffer pillow to help support the head better. Down and hyper-allergenic pillows are the better choice but down may cause you some breathing problems. The feathers also will find there way out of the case and they are harder to keep clean. They do provide solid support but you can get equivalent support in the higher priced filled pillows. Just don't scrimp on the pillow because you will only be replacing them more often.


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    • hubber-2009 profile image

      hubber-2009 8 years ago from India

      very simple tips for a peaceful sleep.. good

    • talisa2699 profile image

      talisa2699 8 years ago from Boston, MA

      I am a glass of wine girl!!!