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Simple Tips to Handle Depression

Updated on October 28, 2015
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We are all familiar with having a case of the blues. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and neither is any form of depression. Although any kind of depression can be quite debilitating, there are ways you can handle it when it comes on. If your depression is severe, however, it's important to seek the advice of a physician.

Most people with depression, though, have a mild to moderate form, and they can do a lot to help themselves. Try using some of the simple strategies given here when depressive episodes happen, and you can quickly find yourself feeling better and enjoying life again.

Take Control of Your Depression

Do not spend time worrying that you will not be able to handle overcoming your depression. Even in a depressed state, you will achieve success if you believe in your goal. Even when they are unsure of themselves, successful people know how important perseverance is to accomplishing their goals. Keep moving forward to achieve great rewards! Go after the rewards that success will bring to you!

The strategies that follow will help you reclaim your life and overcome your depression.

Focus On What Is Good

Each of us can find things in our lives which are good. Although when all we notice is that we are alive, it can be depressing, it still counts! Use it as a beginning point to build upon. Start making a list of any good things, no matter how small, that are in your life. Take time to think about it, and you'll come up with more than you expect. This can be an important step in getting through your depression.

* Small things count too! The beautiful sunrise you saw this morning or the unexpected smile from a stranger can both help raise your mood.

Surround Yourself With Happiness

Know who is truly your friend. Keep friends who are positive! Depressed people may be more comfortable to be around as they share your depression, but your mood will change to reflect the attitudes of those you are around. Keeping positive friends can help raise your mood when you are going through hard times.

* Your church can be a great place to find support for those who are religious.

* If you're not a religious person, there are plenty of groups, both online and offline, where you'll find like-minded, happy, positive, and supportive influences. Search in your community or do an online search for forums with your interests.

* Find other peole who are looking for ways to conquer depression, and share strategies with them. Try looking for a support group for depression.

Get Up and Move!

Physical exercise is a simple and fantastic way to start feeling better. You will quickly gain more energy and lift your mood as well. As with any exercise program, start small and work your way up to 3-5 times of focused exercise per week. Physical exercise actually pushes toxins out of your body, and creates hormones that promote happiness in your brain.

* Physical exercise is sure to bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step. You will find you want to get out and enjoy life again.

Watch What You Are Eating

Fresh produce can help you feel happy, while fatty foods make you sluggish. Wheat is widely known to be a cause of depression also, and is the offender in a multitude of eating disorders. Some foods may make you more tired, while others will increase your energy.

* It can be difficult to make drastic changes to your diet. Often times it can be quite depressing to not live up to your goal, so pick one or two small ones instead. You may be suprised at how much the small changes to your diet can effect you, and how fast it can happen.

Other Things To Overcome Depression

You can start feeling better sooner if you are dedicated to changing parts of your life. You do not need to make drastic changes. Start out with what is comfortable to you. Positive affirmations are one small change that can have drastic effects quickly. Say them several times a day and watch how quickly you start to feel better.

Try using positive affirmations throughout your day, when you wake, go to bed, and anytime you are feeling low. Your mind will hear them and start to believe them. This will cause changes in your brain chemistry as well as changes in your mood, although it may seem like a weird thing to do.

These positive statements, also known as affirmations, can literally change your life, as you let go of one depressing thought after another. 

Always Your Choice

It is your choice to change your life. Commit to creating something better for yourself right now. Do make sure to check with your doctor before making any large changes to your life.

Find out more about making choices 2create your life at

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      6 years ago

      Smile and the world will smile back. Believe in yourself. You are amazing and beautiful.


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