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5 Ways to Manage Stress

Updated on April 4, 2019
Janine Miranda profile image

I've written this article a year ago and I've forgotten about it since then. Hope this helps some of you.


Simple Ways to Manage stress

Nowadays, it is common to experience too much stress. Stress is a common result from very demanding situations. We often get stress from overworking and overthinking. Studies show that stress can affect your health and well-being. It can also play a big factor in your professional environment. Learning to manage stress and handle pressure is beneficial. This can result to a more positive disposition and would lead to a happier and more productive days. Good stress management can also avoid the risks of health conditions. This includes anxiety, muscle pain, high blood pressure and even heart disease.

Yet, being positive, helpful ways to avoid stress do exist. It may differ from each individual. Some people tend to relieve stress by enjoying some hobbies. Others find consolation in solitary activities like taking a walk or meditating. That's why it is important to experiment and find out which works for you.

Here are the five simple ways to manage stress:

1. Have enough sleep.

Adequate amount of sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. A good night sleep makes you able to tackle stress easier. Being so tired results to less patience in dealing with difficult situations. Having enough sleep does boost your mood and your ability to deal with tough situations. It will not only help you manage stress but also increase your creative thought process. Then, helps you function more in everyday life.

2. Exercise.

Exercising does take a lot of effort, but it is always worth it. Scientific studies does say that exercising metabolizes the excessive stress hormones. This helps calm and relax both you mind and body. Once you start exercising, your brain will recognize it as a moment of stress. During exercise, your body releases a protein called BNDF (Brain- derived Neurotrophic Factor.) This has a protective and repairing element to your memory neurons and act as a reset switch. This is the main reason why we often feel relax and things are clearer after exercising.

3. Balanced Diet and Drink plenty of water.

Balanced diet is an important step towards a healthy and happy lifestyle. Having a well-balanced diet helps you improve your mind and provide your body energy. It generally makes your feel a lot better. Most people can agree that dealing with situations on an empty stomach is not the right way to do things. Make sure yo always look after yourself. Eating an adequate and well balanced meal is an essential step in having a less stressful day. Food is not only the important thing in having a balanced diet. Also check that you are having plenty of fluids, especially water. Drinking plenty of water does not only hydrates your body but also keep your stress levels down. Water generates magnetic and electrical energy in your body. Thus, providing a natural power boost.

4. Take a few deep breaths.

If you feel too stress out, stop what you are doing and take a few deep breaths. You may notice a difference in how you already feel and notice some of the pressure off of you right away. Believe it or not, breathing is definitely considered as one of great stress busters. Make sure to find time to relax. Let go of your emotions even for a couple of seconds per hour or every time when you are feeling so down. The moment you feel like you're about to break down due to stress, stop and breathe.

5. Find someone to talk to.

Talking to someone about your problems or what's causing you stress can be very helpful. Stress often cloud your judgment and hinder you from seeing things in a positive light. Having a good conversation with someone is a good way to see things clearer. This can be a friend, colleague, sibling or even a trained professional. More often you can find solutions to your problems using their viewpoints. This can help you come up to a much better resolution to things that cause you stress.

Your happiness is always the most important


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