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Simple tips for losing weight

Updated on August 25, 2011

You feel that you are over-weight and you want to follow a strict diet regimen to get rid of the extra pounds. But you should always remember that if you eat food that is low in calories, you are not doing anything good for yourself. You are actually subjecting your system to starvation. This will lead to slowing down of your metabolism. The result is you will not lose weight and the very purpose of your dieting is defeated. This will also result in irritating headaches and weakness and you may also lose concentration and focus.

Ultimately, intense hunger will bog you down and you will tend to overeat to compensate for the calories you missed. This will again result in weight-gain and not in weight-loss.

What do you do in this context? You can follow these tips:

1. You can start your meal with a salad.

2. Stay away from fried items. If you are a chicken-eater, select only steamed, poached, roasted, broiled, boiled, grilled or baked poultry instead of fried chicken. If you are a beef eater, choose only the lean loin or flank.

3. Avoid cream sauces, oil, butter and gravy completely.

4. When you eat out, you should order only half of the quantity you require.

5. Stay away from buffets. If there are alluring items on the buffet table, you may not be able to control yourself.

6. Mini meals are the best to opt for during such occasions.

7. You can eat smaller meals more number of times so that you can get enough calories for carrying on with your work and also you will not be unnecessarily famishing.

There should be a judicious combination of dieting and exercising for losing weight. But before you embark upon such a weight-losing exercise, you should consult your physician for advice so that you can avoid complications that may arise due to your over-doing things in your initial enthusiasm.

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