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Simplify Your Life! - a little advice

Updated on March 23, 2009

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Start simple

You should never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn't really happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, your worry doubled in size.

Just do a few things that will help you throughout the day

  • 1. Pray - this is a great start
  • 2. Go to bed on time, make a routine of having the time scheduled.
  • 3. Get up on time so you can start the day unrushed, have time to enjoy the birds song or whatever news channel you want to start your day with .
  • 4. It's nothing wrong to Say No to projects that won't fit into your time schedule, or that will compromise your mental health,- really!
  • 5. Delegate tasks to capable others, you will always find help, that's why we have friends.
  • 6. Simplify and unclutter your life, you know of all those messy desks, closets or other parts in your house that need a quick clean up.
  • 7. Less is more. Although one thing is often not enough, two things sometimes are often too many.
  • 8. Allow extra time to do things you love and to get to places you enjoy.

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Then comes the beautiful!

At times we find ourselves working on too many things at once and start loosing track of what has priority.

  • 9. Pace yourself. We all need to step back and look at the big picture.Spread out big challenges and difficult projects over time; don't try to lump the hard things all together.
  • 10. Take one day at a time. That is nothing but healthy!
  • 11. Separate worries from concerns . If a situation is a concern, find out what God would have you do and let go of the anxiety . If you can't do anything about a situation, forget it, you'll be surprised when something arises in your way as a surprise and the situation is resolved.
  • 12. Live within your means, meet your own budget; don't use credit cards for ordinary purchases.
  • 13. Always have backups; an extra car key in your wallet, an extra house key buried in the garden, extra stamps; I can tell you some more personal stories about this, so take this from the heart.
  • 14. This might be a new one for some of you - K.M.S. (Keep Mouth Shut). This single piece of advice can prevent an enormous amount of trouble, save some friendships and so much more.
  • 15. Lighten up! - Do something for the Kid in You everyday.
  • 16. Carry a Bible with you, people read all kinds of prints anywhere they are, read while waiting in line.
  • 17. Get enough rest, again it's important to catch enough sleep at night, some naps are recommended as well.
  • 18. Eat right, start with breakfast, and have a few small meal during the day, it's much healthier that way.

Get organized and Enjoy!

By having everything in place, easy to reach, and knowing where to find things, you life will be so much more fun and enjoyable.

  • 19. Get organized so everything has its place.
  • 20. Listen to a tape while driving that can help improve your quality of life, without distracting you from the task.
  • 21. Write down thoughts and inspirations, it's important to do that, so you can refer to it later and rejoice.
  • 22. Every day, find time to be alone, that should be your "Quiet time," when you can reflect life over.
  • 23. Having problems? Talk to God on the spot. Sounds funny, it's not. Try to nip small problems in the bud. Don't wait until it's time to go to bed to try and pray, you might not ever remember all problems you encountered that day.
  • 24. Make friends with Godly people, better to have a few selective friends that understand you and have time to listen to you, then have many friends and you don't even know much about their personal being.
  • 25. Keep a folder of favorite scriptures on hand, this can bring very much encouragement in your life at the right moment.
  • 26. Remember that the shortest bridge between despair and hope is often a good 'Thank you Jesus . Take a deep breath and start all over.
  • 27. Laugh, that is a healthy practice.
  • 28. Laugh some more! It never hurts.
  • 29. Take your work seriously, you will accomplish a lot; but not yourself at all, enjoy that kid in you.
  • 30. Develop a forgiving attitude; most people are doing the best they can. If this was your last on earth, how would you want to spend it? in anger of peace!???
  • 31. Be kind to unkind people (they probably need it the most), you will win them over.
  • 32. Sit on your ego, let go of it, just try to experience it as many time as you can, you won't be sorry.
  • 33. Talk less; listen more. this is really important, see what can you learn from doing that.
  • 34. Slow down. You need that as life can take you by storm.
  • 35. Remind yourself that you are not the general manager of the universe. Yeah, things will go on and many matter will happen without your supervision and control.
  • 36. Every night before bed, think of one thing you're grateful for that you've never been grateful for before. I'm sure you will find one! GOD HAS A WAY OF TURNING THINGS AROUND FOR YOU.

The End!

'If God is for us, who can be against us?'

(Romans 8:31)


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    • profile image

      Linda Myshrall 6 years ago

      Some excellent rules to live by! I like 31 the best, although all of them are wonderful. 31 could be hardest, but possibly have the biggest reward. Nice photo selections as well-- I particularly like the little redheaded cutie at the end :) Well done, Linda

    • ccdursina profile image

      Carolina Dursina 8 years ago from Spring Green WI

      Thank you AshleyVictoria, I'm glad this helpped a little at least!

      Happy day everyone, make the best of it!

    • AshleyVictoria profile image

      AshleyVictoria 8 years ago from Los Angeles

      Great advice! Laughter and smiles can turn anybody's day around :)

    • ccdursina profile image

      Carolina Dursina 8 years ago from Spring Green WI

      Thank you for reading; to me 12 makes total sense!

    • Benjimester profile image

      Benji Mester 8 years ago from San Diego, California

      I think I like #22 the best. Solitude is sometimes the best teacher for how to live life well. And I always carry the Good Book around with me :)