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Single Women and Men no Longer Care About Contracting HIV and it is Running Ramped

Updated on March 14, 2017

Beauty Doesn't Show HIV

HIV does not have an outer image anymore with medications.
HIV does not have an outer image anymore with medications.

Respect Yourself Enough to Protect Yourself

HIV has never gone away it's just never talked about anymore. Single women and men are not using protection and having as many as six partners. This has baffled me since HIV has not been irradicated the last time I checked and that as many as 1 in 4 adults have an STD.

The US ranks 30th in the nations percentile of people with HIV and why you may think that is not a bad number it is very bad.

Where has science failed to teach all men and women that HIV is running ramped and it is still very easily contracted. Is using condoms so bad that you would be willing to risk your life and the life of others just because you think your beneath contracting a deadly disease?

I can not for the life of me understand how any woman who is not in a monagmous relationship could think it's ok to sleep around and not think she is going to get something or give something to her partner.

Ladies and gentlemen I am here to tell you HIV is very real and if you're willing to risk your life to have unprotected sex and one night stands then something is wrong here on so many levels.

Just because there are better drugs to help people with HIV live a longer life, why would you even want it? Why don't your respect yourself enough? Has time and no new news about HIV made people think it doesn't any longer exist?

Get tested, stop having unprotected sex, and for God sake respect yourself. The STD's that are showing up now, some are not even curable. HIV is alive and real and it still exist and is running ramped in America. Don't let one night of feeling good ruin your life forever.

HIV Cell Structure

Why Healthcare Professionals are not Testing Patients

It is estimated that one in three healthcare providers never ask patients to take an HIV test to know their status. Patients never ask to be tested. This is alarming and the medical community should be ashamed of themselves for not getting people tested. This could be the most important healthcare screening next to breast cancer and prostate cancer.

HIV and Hepatitis B and C can be detrimental to someone's health. There is a vaccination for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C they now have found a cure. But what happens to those people who never get tested? Well certainly death would eventually take them. If you find out your status at an early date it is treatable. People with HIV are living longer because of treatment.

If your doctor does not ask you to get tested for HIV then ask them. Everyone has a right to know their status.

HIV Still Has a Stigma That it Can be Transmitted by These Means

People are Afraid to Touch Someone Carrying HIV but They Still Have Unprotected Sex

For those people who already have HIV there is still the stigma that you can contract it through kissing, touching, sharing food, get it from toilet seats and many other idiotic ideas.

That is further from the truth. HIV is spread through body fluids of blood, vaginal fluids, semen, anal fluids and sharing needles.

If you are having unprotected sex at least know your status and your partners. Ask them to show you their latest test results. If they won't or can't then Do Not Have Sex With Them.

10 Myths About HIV

Age Ranges of Those With HIV

The ages that is impacting HIV today are those who range from 15 to 25 and 60 to 80. While the latter of the ages may surprise you, you must realize that the older population may have lost their spouses and are now having unprotected sex.

Teenage pregnancy does not compare to the alarming rate that young people are contracting HIV.

There are also those who know they have HIV and are spreading it out of hatred. Don't get caught up in the stigma that just because they look well they are well.

How Far We Have Come May Just be Too Far

In the 1980's when AID's was first diagnosed, everyone was fearful and running around crazy because they didn't want it because the end would be death.

Today antiviral drugs for the HIV virus have become so good that people are living longer and happier lives with HIV and not actually getting AID's. HIV is the virus that causes AID's but most people die from AID's due to complications such as pneumonia.

Modern medicine has become successful for those carrying the HIV virus, but it is not stopping the spread of the disease because people are not educated or worried about contracting it any longer.

With online dating becoming the new phase of meeting people, you must ask for proof of their status or at least use protection. Protection does not always work because condoms can get holes in them.

Young people have become reckless because schools can only teach abstinence. It should be educating these young people about all sexually transmitted diseases.

Reckless Behavior

We all have seen reckless behavior of the rich and famous from Freddy Mercury to Charlie Sheen. They feel they make so much money it doesn't matter. They slept around with everyone that they could not caring about who they hurt in the long run.

We must never forget this disease it still exist and it is big. Drug addicts sharing needles to having unprotected sex is a disaster waiting to happen. Do you think a drug addict who is going through withdraw would care about having unprotected sex to get money for a fix? It's sad that young people feel they are invincible

Be well, protect yourself and find out your status before introducing anyone in to your life and know theirs. You must have self respect. If a man or woman doesn't want to use condoms then tell them to leave until they can prove their status.


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