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Six Pack Abs: Why Rockers and Tummy Belts Don't Work

Updated on March 29, 2010

Not Gonna Work ...

You've seen the ads on TV...the Abs Rockers, crunchers, belts and others that promise to get rid of that layer of belly fat around your middle. Hope you didn't spend your money on one of them, because if you did, about now you've pretty much concluded that the new device is not going to get of the belly fat or achieve six pack abs.

Not only is the rocker not going to eliminate your spare tire, but no other single abs exercise that focuses on the abdominal muscles is going to work, either. How can that be? The reason is, the body just doesn't work like that. Spot exercises that only target certain parts of the body are fine for toning, but not for significant  fat loss.

When the goal is to burn stomach fat and body fat in general, world class trainer and nutritionist Mike Geary says the only way to achieve your goal is to use a whole body workout scheme. This can involve snatches, lunges, squats, dead lifts, presses, and sprints, combined with exercises that target the body's midsection, although not exclusive to the abs.

Some abs exercises are necessary, but the workout has to be much broader in scope if the goal of losing belly fat is to be realized. Full body workouts are needed to stimulate  hormonal and metabolic changes, which in turn help to burn fat

Nutrition is another important factor. Geary says fast food junkies are kidding themselves when it comes to losing belly fat. Eating right goes hand in hand with a comprehensive exercise program. If you're serious about getting rid of that unsightly belly fat and achieving six pack abs, Geary says you need to focus on high intensity body lifts and multi joint exercises to get maximum fat burning results.

That, plus a healthy diet of natural unprocessed foods, which you usually won't find in a fast food restaurant, adds up to a weight loss and muscle toning program that will very soon have you looking in a mirror and seeing the results you were after.

Part of the good news is, Geary says don't waste your time on crunches, leg raises, sit ups or the alleged fat belly devices. At least not right away. There is a time and place for sit ups and crunches (but not Abs Rockers and other worthless tools) but initially, he says, go with the full body workouts and a healthy diet, to get the quickest desired results.


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    • ivori profile imageAUTHOR

      Barbara Eisenberg 

      8 years ago from Titusville

      Thank you, Chris!

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 

      8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Please tell it!!! Yell it from the rooftops!!! Great job!


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