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Skechers Shape Ups: The Next Generation of New Toning Shoes

Updated on April 30, 2012

If you want to tone your body faster, get fitter, and start a new healthier lifestyle, the range of Skechers Shape Ups shoes are one of the best choices of toning footwear. Shape Ups have been around for a while now, and have won countless praise for their toning, posture correcting and health benefits. However Skechers have been hard at work producing the next generation of toning shoes, and now offer 7 new lines, each custom crafted to give you the maximum possible benefit from your exercise routine.

Skechers used to feature Joe Montana extolling the benefits of these toning shoes, but all media attention is now on Kim Kardashian, who has become the new face, and perfectly toned bottom, of Skechers Shape Ups. If her body is anything to go by, these shoes are beyond fantastic. However since she has only been wearing them for about 8 months or so, and I have seen the before and after. Sorry ladies, she was already pretty hot to start with. Having said that, the Skechers Shape Ups SRT which she is seen sporting in the advert is certainly helping her to get fitter and even more toned. She was given them as a present by her mom, and says "Giving Skechers Shape Ups is the Ultimate Gift of Fitness", and believes "they really work"! It does it for me. I'm getting some.

The Skechers Shape Ups Kinetc Wedge

The latest styles improve on the Kinetic Wedge and rocker sole design, offering increased toning and greater versatility for a wider range of activities such as gym training, jogging, and running. There is even a new Skechers Shape Up style for off-road running and hiking. The new models feature a lower profile design and improved styling, and improve on the already impressive toning and fat burning stats of the original models. If you have previously dismissed Skechers Shape Ups due to style, it’s time to have another look at the new Shape Ups range.

However with such a wide range of styles and models to choose from, which Skechers Shape Ups shoes should you choose? If you want to wear Shape Ups purely for walking, then the original Shape Ups remain the best bet. But if you want greater variety and functionality for a varied and high intensity workout, the latest models will be right up your street.

This hub provides a summary of the benefits and uses of each of the new styles, to help you choose the best model to suit your exercise requirements.

Skechers Shape Ups XT - Shape Ups XW - Shape Ups XF

Extended Training - Extended Wear - Extended Fitness

The latest releases from Skechers feature the original Shape Ups Kinetic Wedge, with improved stability and support to cope with a wider range of workout routines. Each of the new models is designed to target specific niches within the fitness market. The XT (Extended Training), XW (Extended Wear) and XF Extended (Fitness) models all feature the same upgrades from the original to help with weight loss fitness and muscle tone, with an improved design for greater comfort, support and stability.

All three ranges offer a low profile design, with ¼ inch less EVA foam than the original Shapeups. Whilst EVA foam has been reduced, the benefits remain just as good for toning, shaping and correcting the posture. Both the Shape Ups XT Extended training and Shape Ups XF Extended Fitness models are very similar, being great for general workouts, walking and jogging. The difference between the two is mostly style, with the Extended Fitness model featuring an elastic tongue to keep it firmly in place when working out and a cooling mesh upper to maximise airflow and keep the feet cool under the extra exertion of an intensive workout.

The Shape Ups Extended Wear range is better suited for walking rather than training and running, and is designed to offer maximum comfort for day long wear. The styling is smarter to match with a wider range of outfits, and features smooth leather uppers and smart casual style, better suited for the workplace and smart casual wear. If you want toning shoes, but hate trainers, these are the shoes for you

Skechers Shape Ups Toners

Shape Ups Toners feature more understated toning technology than the rocker sole models and offer the extra burn to a workout, without an inch and a half of EVA foam – a turn off for many women exercisers. Shape Ups Tonersfeature Kinetic Toning Pods in the soles, and are closer to Reebok Easytone shoes than to ShapeUps. The pods introduce instabilities into the walking gait which increases muscle activation. The shoes feature TPU side stabilizers to help prevent pronation (rolling of the foot) for improved stability. The shoes tone the lower body, improve agility, increase flexibility and strengthen the core muscle groups.

Shape Ups tonersoffer greater versatility, with a flatter sole being good for more active exercise, so if you like to go for a jog or run these are a good choice. Shape Ups Toners will not correct the posture like the rocker sole designs nor will they give such a burn, however the flat soled design makes them perfect for both low and high intensity workouts and they are suitable for walking, training, jogging and running.


  • Highly stable design which helps to correct supination and pronation
  • Lower profile design better suited to high impact exercise
  • Suitable for the gym and more varied training sessions, including jogging and running
  • Tones the gluteus, hamstrings and calves
  • Improves agility
  • Brings more flexibility back into the feet


  • Do not tone as much as the rocker sole Shape Ups shoes
  • Do not correct the posture

Skechers Shape Ups SRT – Skechers Radius Trainer

The Shape Ups SRT range, also known as Shape Ups Kinetix Resistance,  have been developed to tackle the issue of fat. They maximize calorie burning to rid the body once and for all of the troublesome lipid, and keep the weight at a low and sustainable level. The Shape Ups SRT is a great cross training shoe, with a design well suited to the full range of workouts, whether you want to take on the treadmill, power through your lunges, or just walk to get fit. The shoes take the Shape Ups design and offer increased stability, better suited for more intensive workout routines. A Roll Bridge controls side to side motion to prevent pronation, with an Advanced Stabilization Insole to give extra support for high impact exercising. The heel is strengthened and gives far greater stability to cope with the increased forces from gym training and running.

The shoes feature a flexible rubber outsole for improved grip, increased padding in the collar and tongue for comfort, and a dual density midsole to get the muscles working harder. The shoes help to speed up weight loss in a healthy manner, and will improve strength, stamina and endurance. The SRT was put to the test in a 6 week trial, with the wearers losing on average 3.25 lbs more than with standard sneakers , they reduced body fat by 1.1% more, increased gluteus strength by 41% and improved lower back strength by 37%.


  • Maximise calorie burning
  • Tone the muscles in the lower body, back and core
  • Promote healthy weight loss
  • Improve lean body mass
  • Improve lower back strength
  • Target the buttocks to improve strength and firmness
  • Highly stable design suitable for all cross training routines
  • Offer improved resistance training
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Reduce knee stress
  • Reduce muscle fatigue to keep you training for longer and harder


  • A great all round shoe for training and walking, although whilst suitable for running, greater benefits can be gained from the SRR Shape Ups Resistance Runner if that is your primary use for the shoes

Skechers Shape Ups AT – All Terrain

Skechers Shape Ups have proved to be excellent shoes for walking, with the latest styles also well suited for the gym, running and jogging. However for those who love the great outdoors and prefer to go off the beaten track, until now Shape Ups have lacked the necessary grip for serious off road adventures. However the Shape Ups AT changes that, being the first fully off-road Shape Ups design, guaranteed to give the burn whilst keeping you off your backside. The outsole has been beefed up with abrasion resistant rubber, and deep lugs offer greatly improved traction on soft and wet ground, with an off-road all weather tread pattern to keep you firmly on your feet.

Taking the path less trodden requires more than additional grip, as uneven surfaces can make stability a problem. The Shape Ups AT tackles this with an A.S.I, or Advanced Stabilization Insole. To cope with uneven terrain, the heel has been strengthened and made more rigid, which keeps the foot well supported. The shoes prevent lateral (side to side) movement for added stability. A Motion Control Cage has been developed to further stabilize the shoes and to protect the feet when covering trails, mud, grass and mixed ground.


  • Tread and outsole improved for greater durability over rough ground
  • Improved grip and traction over loose surfaces and wet muddy terrain
  • Motion control cage protects the feet over uneven terrain
  • ASI system helps to prevents pronation
  • Reduced lateral movement for better stability
  • Low profile midsole keeps the centre of gravity low
  • Tones the lower body faster than standard shoes
  • Improves the rate of weight loss
  • Improves the posture and boosts blood circulation


  • The rugged and durable outsole is ideal for off road surfaces; however wear will be increased substantially when walking and running on asphalt and concrete

Skechers Shape Ups SRR – Shape Ups Resistance Runner

Unfortunately it is not possible to adequately describe the benefits of these shoes with so few words, so take a look at the Skechers Shape Ups SRR hub where I extol the benefits of these remarkable shoes in the detail they deserve. The Shape Ups resistance runner is more than just Shape Ups geared for running and jogging. It incorporates considerable advances to the rocker sole design for improved comfort, arch support, pronation control and durability.

The Shape Ups Resistance Runner gives the sensation of floating rather than running due to the addition of the leaf spring kinetic energy return system located in the centre of the midsole. The shoes provide superior cushioning for running for an ultra smooth ride, with the joints and bones perfectly cushioned. They make running a possibility for those with troublesome joints, and will keep you going for longer whilst helping you to run faster. They have been called “intelligent shoes” due to the way they correct the stride, helping to prevent both pronation and supination and bring more movement into the feet for a natural heel to toe movement, similar to walking barefoot in soft ground. When it comes to toning, they offer much more than any other Shape Ups to date, bringing more muscles into play including giving the postural muscles in the back a major boost.


  • Increase calorie burning by up to 13% more per hour
  • Increase activity in the postural muscles up to 85%
  • Increases hip muscle activity up to 71%
  • Increases back muscle activity up to 85%
  • Calf muscle activity increased by up to 68%
  • Get into the fat burning zone 11% faster than standard running shoes
  • Increases strength, stamina and endurance
  • Correct both supination and pronation of the feet


  • The shoes are designed for running and jogging, and whilst they can be used for walking, you will not get the full toning benefits. For walking go for the Original Shape Ups, and for training the SRT, XF or XT

The Original Skechers Shape Ups

Whilst fitness fanatics and gym junkies will want the new models for the increased range of activities they are suited for, if you just want a pair of toning shoes to wear when walking then the Original Skechers Shape ups are still the best bet. The Kinetic Wedge in the midsole offers exceptional cushioning for walking in comfort, reducing the stress on the knees and lower back. The rolling of the foot generated by the rocker bottom sole helps to boost blood circulation and improves the posture to help you stand up straighter and taller, easing the strain on the muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back.

The shoes have been extensively tested both in the lab and with case studies, and demonstrate a clear advantage for weight loss, muscle tone and overall body health. They are a great shoe for improving wellness, and over time will help you to sculpt a better body and improve overall fitness. The shoes are sold in a vast range of styles and colours to match with all outfits, with stylish leather models ideal for the workplace.


  • Improve toning to the lower body by up to 30% more than standard shoes
  • Target the calves, hamstrings and buttocks
  • Increase activity in the abdominal muscles
  • Improve the posture easing the strain on the back and shoulders
  • Promote a natural heel to toe roll of the foot akin to walking barefoot in soft sand
  • Help to get you walking faster than with standard shoes to burn more calories
  • Low price compared to standard exercise footwear


  • Not suitable for jogging and running
  • Not suitable for the gym and high impact exercise
  • High profile design features a 1.5 inch midsole

Kim Kardashian's Shape Ups Enhanced Body

*Disclaimer: She was hot before she got the shoes
*Disclaimer: She was hot before she got the shoes

Skechers Shape Ups Style

Skechers Shape Ups have won many fans, with both men and women praising the shoes for the comfort and the feel good factor that they help to create. However the shoes are not without their critics. Whilst the feel and comfort has never come into question, some find that the style of the shoes left a lot to be desired.

With the latest models that have taken this to heart, and have produced some excellent designs and cool new colour schemes, and the shoes look fantastic.  Shaping the body has never been so fashionable.


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