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Skechers Women Shape Ups | A Great Addition to Your Shoe Closet

Updated on June 24, 2012
It's time to add some comfort to your shoe collection!
It's time to add some comfort to your shoe collection! | Source

When I first saw the Shape Ups by Skechers, I was seriously put off by the elevated heel design and the price. But, let me tell you ... that no longer phases me. I had a chance to flaunt my friend's pair for a day of shopping, and I have got to get me a pair.

Benefits* of Shape Ups

  • Promote Weight Loss
  • Tone Muscles
  • Improve Posture
  • Reduce Stress on Knees and Ankles

*as advertised by Skechers

My Test Drive Experience

My right knee typically aches after being active for more than 2 hours. After a half day of shopping, I did not have one ache!! I had alot of pep in my step and it feels as if you are walking on squishy, soft clouds from start to finish.

I assumed that I would easily trip myself because of the heel design, but I was very surprised. The heel of the Shape Ups is designed for you to walk from heel-to-toe in a roll step fashion. Honestly, it may be awkward at first especially if you are trying to walk in a normal manner. It wasn't awkward for me as my feet recalled their former life in marching band. As most band nerds can recall, we were taught to walk heel-to-toe so that we could move with grace and play our instruments with a steady note/tone.

Good Foundation for Skecher Shape Ups

You know what? At the core of it, Skechers is on the right track with this product.

As I recall, two of the additional benefits from heel to toe walking was the toning it provided for my legs and midsection in high school. Plus, it helped with my posture as well. If I can get all those benefits again without locating a marching band for adults, then I need to make these shoes a part of my collection. I'm sure I will look out of place while rocking my Shape Ups at Forever21, but they'll get over it.

If you're on the fence about purchasing Skecher Shape Ups, I hope my brief experience with a pair offers some insight as you make your decision!

©Nikki Thomas 2012 All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
©Nikki Thomas 2012 All Rights Reserved Worldwide. | Source


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