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Skinny Jeans Workout

Updated on August 11, 2009

The New Workout

There is a new workout taking America by storm and is now indeed even getting a following in Britain, it is the skinny jean workout,designed by Lisa G it is a workout designed to hit the major muscle groups,by doing this you burn the maximum amount of calories as working out the large muscles burns more fuel to do so.Therefore slimming down the leg and hips.There are several length of workouts ranging from just 5 mins to 45 mins depending obviously on your time constraints.The exercises range from ballet,stretches and weight training and focuses on core strength and balance.

There are also a range of skinny jeans classes available for those that don't want to work out from home which enable you to meet like minded people who are all out to achieve the same results and it helps to spur you on.

Skinny Jeans

Lisa G

Lisa g is a certified personal trainer to some of Los Angeles finest celebrities and of course anybody else that needs help to get fit and healthy,She has just recently released her Skinny Jeans Workout DVD which is taking America by storm and has plans for future DVDs.

Skinny Jeans Workout DVD


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