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Skunk#1 Female seeds

Updated on May 25, 2016

Modified Female Marijuana Seeds

Weed Cup Winner

Sunny / Mediterranean

Average size plant

Blooming 45 to 50 days

Harvest: solid

35% Sativa / 65% Indica

The breed that altered marijuana culture and left countless weed enthusiasts astounded for more than 25 years has now become even more refined and feminized.

The power and capabilities of female Skunk#1’s marijuana family have earned its serious reputation, thus making the term “Skunk” synonymous for any powerful weed. Growers consider “Skunk #1” to be the international standard for power and performance. The genetics of this breed has affected at least 100 modern hybrid blends. Skunk #1’s energetically boosted performance and her rich harvests have redefined the meaning of hybrid strength. The processes of growing and blooming appear as more Indica-like, despite the increased height of the plant.

Blooming is rapid. The plant develops strong stems and branches to accommodate her abundant yields. Thick, rounded bud-bundles form and gather around the short internode gaps by the time of the harvest.

The genes from the Sativa side of female Skunk#1’s family impact the flower structure in a very gentle way. However, their effect on the sensation of stone and high is dramatic.


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