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Sleep- do we really need it?

Updated on October 21, 2008
Lay down and take a load off. Time to catch some sleep before it catchs up with you.
Lay down and take a load off. Time to catch some sleep before it catchs up with you.

Sleep? What's the point of it? Health concerns? I've never heard a doctor stress the value of sleep when they're under the gun professionally and personally. All they care about is the facts and not the facts of an anxiety ridden life. Personally, my life is nothing but a long ball of anxiety, which is dreadful for my non-existent social life.

Why is sleep really necessary when nothing ever seems to get done during the day? 24 hours aren't enough time to complete everything I love to do. I spend so much time on my laptop doing work or looking for work that sleep is the last thing on my mind. When I do sleep, I'm thinking about everything I've got to do tomorrow such as fixing a problem on a long forgotten project. Of course when I don't get sleep I become extra cranky and turn into a fire breathing dragon. (Run for the hills when you see that happening.) My stress levels have never been higher now that I'm unemployed and having a hard time finding full time work. Worrying about upcoming job interviews puts me in a cold sweat that I usually wake up hours before my alarm clock goes off.

The reality of the matter is that sleep allows to dream of faraway lands and fairy tales our waking lives won't accept for now. Dreams allow you to be a different person with more confidence, style and the freedom to love whoever you choose. Well, those dreams allow you to develop a naughtier most people never need to know. My dreams have helped come up with some of my best ideas. I'm allowed to sleep reasonably calm and wake up with a clearer head. These slumbers also allow me have a nighttime romance with someone without ever having to leave the confines of my bedroom. Last night was Brad Pitt and today is whoever I want to dream about.

Sleeping gives your body time to cool off after an exhausting day of work, thankless or otherwise. It can't be avoided regardless of how much sugar or stress you have locked inside you. Find away to release any pent up energy and unwind before you go to bed. Choose an outlet that's fun for you and won't get you into any type of trouble of course. Just lay down and relax. Let your eyes and Mother Nature take their collective courses.

In the meantime, pull out your latest juicy novel you're reading. Turn on the lights and read until your eyes get weary. Good night indeed.


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