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Sleep- Do We Really Need It?

Updated on April 9, 2018
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Lay down and take a load off. Time to catch some sleep before it catchs up with you.
Lay down and take a load off. Time to catch some sleep before it catchs up with you.

Do we really need sleep? Is it important to get some sleep? Some people can function on a lot of it, while others need as little as possible. It's really subjective to say how much, but it is more necessary than some would think. Doctors can work double shifts, but how truly rested are their minds on so little rest?

To truly answer that question, it's best to determine what are the stressors that cause people from not getting enough rest. Here are six possible things can cause someone to lose sleep over and what to do to help overcome that every night.


When it comes to your professional life, it can cause a lot of people to develop a case of acute insomnia that never goes away, especially if you have a stressful job. Look at anyone who becomes President of the United States. They age at least 10 to 15 in over an 8 year period of time. Of course, not everyone has the fate of the world on their shoulders. Look at doctors, lawyers, and truck drivers. All three of those positions can work long hours and have erratic schedules to the point where you have to get sleep in shifts in order to stay awake on the job. You also might be in a job that you can't stand with a boss who might drive you batty. For that problem, it's best to start looking for a better job and flee immediately. Keep your sanity in check while you still can.

Relationship Troubles

Being in a relationship with someone can be wonderful, but also very troublesome when it's a problematic one. The first three months were wonderful; while the last two have been tension filled. Every little thing caused a fight that never fully resolved. Those feelings of anger spilled into your dreams that caused you to stay awake out of fear of reliving the waking nightmare at nighttime. It might be cliché to say, but never go to bed leaving anything unresolved. Face your problems when you're awake that way your dreams will be happier ones. Also, if the relationship doesn't ultimately work: end it as soon as possible. Best to make a clean break while you can. Your sleep cycle will thank you.


Many people believe that money is either the root of happiness or all evil. When you have too much or not enough of it, either idea plagues your thoughts and spills over into your dreams. If you win the lottery, people in family or social circle transform into individuals that you're unsure if they have an ulterior motive or not. When you're involved in a relationship where money is tight, it can be a struggle each month to pay the bills. That also causes stress day and night as well. Your best bet for either scenario is to determine who you can trust carefully and the rest of the interlopers will simply fall by the wayside.

Social Engagements

Do you have anxiety being in large crowds of people at parties and holiday events? Do you have to give a toast at a wedding and not a fan of public speaking? That fear alone will cause many nightmares of giving a speech stark naked to an ever growing crowd. Simply write the speech and practice it. Instead of picturing yourself naked, picture certain members of the audience naked. That might help make you feel better about your speech and sleep better because of it.


Is it time for your parents to visit you for a holiday or a birthday celebration? Do your father and spouse not get along? Are you afraid what mayhem might occur once they walk in the door? Don't sweat it. Remember it's just a visit and that they will be going back home before you know it. If not, start taking melatonin and you'll get some sleep in no time.

Health Problems

Have you been diagnosed with a debilitating illness recently? Has the news hit you like a ton of bricks? Many people start to have a visions of a future slipping away through their fingers. All of the information that the doctors starts to throw your way played like a tape loop in your head just when it was time to go to bed. The news would make everyone understandably stressed out. The best thing to do with that stressor is simply take it one day at a time and research it yourself to find out what to do next. Taking charge will allow some relief come bedtime.

In the end, the reality of the matter is that sleep allows to dream of faraway lands and fairy tales our waking lives won't accept for now. Dreams allow you to be a different person with more confidence, style and the freedom to love whoever you choose. Well, those dreams allow you to develop a naughtier most people never need to know. My dreams have helped come up with some of my best ideas. I'm allowed to sleep reasonably calm and wake up with a clearer head. These slumbers also allow me have a nighttime romance with someone without ever having to leave the confines of my bedroom. Last night was Brad Pitt and today is whoever I want to dream about.

Sleeping gives your body time to cool off after an exhausting day of work, thankless or otherwise. It can't be avoided regardless of how much sugar or stress you have locked inside you. Find away to release any pent up energy and unwind before you go to bed. Choose an outlet that's fun for you and won't get you into any type of trouble of course. Just lay down and relax. Let your eyes and Mother Nature take their collective courses.

In the meantime, pull out your latest juicy novel you're reading. Maybe a Danielle Steele or a James Patterson page turner. Turn on the lights and read until your eyes get weary. Good night indeed.


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