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Sleep: Naked Vs. Pajamas

Updated on December 5, 2017

Nitty Gritty

When it comes to sleeping, one of the most common arguments is what to wear?! As if it is a political statement to wear your skin instead of that new silk PJ set your mom got you for Christmas in hopes you'd give her grandkids. When you get down to the nitty gritty of it, it's all about preference and environment.


Many people say that they have to sleep with a fan on even if it's freezing out. Or they have to sleep with a blanket no matter how hot (me!). This is also where this debate comes in. Too cold for nude, or too hot for cotton?

What Type Of Sleeper Are You?

As I said previously, many people debate on what to wear to bed as if it was the Emmy's! Some wear a t-shirt and undies, some wear full pajamas, some sleep nude, and some wear just undies. My personal preference however depends on the situation I'm in. If it is just myself and my husband in our room, naked it is. If we are in a house with other people, it's boxers and a t-shirt. I don't, however, wear full pajamas. I get too hot and end up twisted up in them like tin foil on a potato.

Oh No! Did He See Me?!

The next issue that comes up, is possible Intruders. Many people constantly think of these senarios. What do I do if someone breaks in and I'm in my nudey pants?! My answer for you is simple, YOLO! Maybe next time they won't break into someone's house! If you don't want to see someone nude, don't come in uninvited.

Pros and Cons

Freedom, comfortable, snuggle with the blanket, never get Tangled in clothes
Vulnerable, awkward at first, may be uncomfortable for shy people
Full Pajamas
Cute, not too cold, safety net (no one sees the goods)
Tin foil on potato, too hot sometimes, restrictions on legs, can be itchy
T-shirt & Undies
No restrictions on legs, like in movies, kinda sexy
Tangled in shirt, definitely bad for Aunt Flow times
T-shirt Only
Big shirts cover goods, nude but safe, breezy
Big shirts may attempt to strangle you, gets uncomfortable sometimes, may not cover all goods
Undies Only
Great for Aunt Flow's visits, sleepovers with the boo
No chest coverage, WEDGIES, awkward wedgie morning greetings

Why The Debate?

Like I pointed out, many people see it as though it is a political statement. There are videos, articles, and even news segments about it. As long as people have opinions, there will be arguments!

Why Care About What We Wear?

Even though no one should really be paying attention to what we wear to bed, many people act as though it is the Grammys or something. As far as I'm concerned, wear what you want or dont wear anything, I don't care. I'm not going to judge people based on what they wear or choose not to wear to bed.

What Is Your Bedtime Attire?

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    • S.K. profile image

      Craig Holman 6 weeks ago from Dallas, Texas

      Fun article! Keep 'em coming...