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Sleep Sound Machines For Better Sleep

Updated on January 6, 2015

Sleeping Sound Machines


There was once a time when people had no comforting equipment but they were still able to sleep comfortably on rocks. But now due to stressful life style, insomnia has become such a common complaint that everyone is running after sleep aids either in the form of sleeping pills or non-pharmacological methods like hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, or sound therapy. As a matter of fact, everyone would prefer non-pharmacological methods over pharmacological measures.

Sound Machine Working Principle:

One of the most popular non pharmacological sleeping aids most people are using today is the sound machines. The basic principle of sound machines is to produce a soothing sound that appears good to ear and to nervous system and not just calm you but also induces sleep.

Have you ever thought what is it that disturbs your sleep the most? Or have you thought what is it that you find soothing? Most people have issues in sleeping in an environment that is noisy. By noisy, a number of frequency and intensity related interventions can be established, however a light sleeper will find the noise of running fan also noisy enough to disturb his sleep. Sound machines works on the methodology of producing one sound that can mark off the effect of all other background noises and changing rhythm will help to relax brain cells to calm down.


Impact of Sound machines on sleeping:

We hear the sound that is between a certain frequency range (20 to 20,000 Hz). Impact of sound or more appropriately noise is known to every single person, as most people find it difficult to fall asleep in the presence of any noise. This is because noise activates brain cells, thinking it is a part of normal awakened state. With every changing beat and rhythm, brain cells further get activated in order to identify what is going on. That is why it is advised not to watch television before going to bed. However, sound machines that are designed to improve sleeping are especially constructed keeping this theory in mind. That’s why sleeping machines have sound waves that are set at a particular frequency, which does not activate brain cells, but at the same time desensitizes brain cells against any background noise. Because of sound machines, person not only feels relax but also enjoy deep stages of sleep with lesser chances of having nightmares .

Tranquilizers v/s Sound machine:

Sound machines are a preferred choice over tranquilizers and sleeping pills due to a number of reasons. Any person who has trouble going to sleep or maintaining sleep should consider buying sleep machine instead of consulting a physician for requesting prescription of sleeping pills. A comparison is discussed briefly below:

a. No Addiction: All sleeping medications have addiction potential. By addiction, it is referred to as abuse potential, besides those who rely on sleep aid medications get hooked onto these medications for life. But with non-pharmacological intervention like sound machine, there will obviously be no such issue.

b. No Dependence: Taking sleeping medications or tranquilizers means you are entering a road, which has no “U” turn. People who consume tranquilizers cannot sleep without taking medications on daily basis. In simple words, taking sleep aid medications means you are dragging yourself unnecessarily into troubled sleep. But if you try sound machines, there is no dependence and besides there is no harm even if you rely on sound machines as it will not affect your health in long run.

c. No Rebound insomnia: Rebound Insomnia is the major short-coming of sleeping pills, as these are constructed for symptomatic relief of current issue i.e. insomnia. It will however, not cure the actual problem. As soon as you stop prescription pills, your insomnia gets worse. However, sound machines actually treat your stress and anxiety and even after leaving sound machine, there will be no rebound insomnia.

d. Cost of therapy: For any sleeping pill prescription, imagine the cost you invest. Sleep isn't that expensive and it shouldn't be this expensive, instead of visiting a doctor to pay huge amount in the name of fees, required laboratory tests and prescriptions, adopting non pharmacological therapy like sound machines is far more effective and more effective. Moreover it is hassle free that you can get for free and regulate at home without running any unnecessary errand. It will only be a one-time investment and you, your sleeping partner both are going to be benefitted from therapy.

e. Side effects: There is no pharmacological intervention that is free of side effects. All sleep aids medications are also associated with end organ damage with chronic usage especially Kidneys and liver that serves as the main detoxification and excretion routes of all drugs. In contrast, sound machine also helps in lessening depression, anxiety, agitation and not to forget all medical and health related issues that a person may develop after chronic insomnia.

Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Machine

Different types of Sound Machines:

A wide variety of machines are now available in the market that especially addresses your other health issues too besides sleeping. For example:

Noise cancelling feature: sound machine also comes with noise cancelling machines that kills the background noise by interfering with their wavelength and frequency.

Anxiety killing feature: This is advised by doctors to people who are under a lot of pressure from work. It works by slowing and gradually relaxing your brain cells and helps in releasing pressure and anxiety associated with normal daily activities.

Alarm feature: Sound machines with this feature has literally eliminated the need of keeping an alarm clock too by your bedside, as this machine allows you to fall asleep with your favorite soothing sounds and in the morning instead of having buzzer like noise, you can set either FM radio or same sound that puts you to sleep, but this time with gradually increasing volume.

The advantage of all these sound machines is the low cost and durability of device. Bring home, your own sound machine so that you can also enjoy sleeping.

White Noise Sound Machine


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    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 3 years ago

      Thanks for your comment, healtone. How right about the health benefits of sound therapy. It's great that these can be used with other conventional treatments, without worrying about drug interaction or side effects. Sleep sound machines are a good way to promote relaxation and the positive mental state that leads to good health.

    • profile image

      Healtone 3 years ago

      There are number of frequencies which heal the illness in a natural and effective way which are known as Healing Sound. Healtone’s Sound Healing helps person to gain a calm mental state, lower the blood pressure, help in mental and psycho-emotional difficulties and relieve stress. Healtone’s Sound Therapy can also help person under medical treatment in increasing the rate of healing of any illness.

    • parwatisingari profile image

      parwatisingari 5 years ago from India

      Hi I prescribe CPAP or oral device to my patients of course some kind of meditation too. This interesting. I would welcome more information.