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Do women require more sleep than men?

Updated on April 27, 2012

According to National Sleep Foundation in America there is no definite sleep requirement for an individual. Various factors like age, health and other individual factors decide the right amount of sleep needed. Some people may need only six hours of sleep and other people of same age group need eight hours of sleep. There are two main factors which contribute to this no definite amount required by an individual. The Basal Sleep need of the body which is the regular sleep need required by the body to work properly and the Sleep Debt which is accumulated or lost sleep due to some internal and external factors. Studies suggest that the basal sleep need of an individual is seven to eight hours.

The recommended average hours of sleep for women are eight to nine hours. Sleeping helps a body to keep fit and healthy. While we are fast asleep our body is at work constantly. The repair activities of the cell take place during the sleep. It is necessary for our body to function properly both physically and mentally. Britain’s leading sleep expert has demonstrated that women need more sleep than men. This is because a women’s brain is multi-tasking that is their brain works more and hence require more time to relax and carry the repair activities. A women’s brain is different from a man and is more complex so their sleep need is more. Women’s body need 20 minutes more sleep than a man to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Women’s sleep is light and gets disturbs often due to various reasons. This may be another reason women needs more sleep than men. If you are a mother your mind is more sensitive to your child’s voice or cry. According to research by University of Surrey it is more difficult for women to sleep once her sleep is disturbed. Family and work related stress is a major factor contributing towards disturbed sleep of a woman. If you want to know whether you get enough sleep or not, observe your sleeping habits for a few days. If you fall asleep within 5 minutes of lying down in your bed you are not getting enough sleep. The average time to fall asleep is 10-15 minutes, it indicates that you had an active day and you are tired.

Lack of proper sleep in women raises the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. The amounts of sleep you require depend on your daily activities and age. You should try to get at least the recommended hours of sleep. Here are some healthy sleeping habits which will help you in getting a sound sleep.

1. You should not eat just before going to bed. Make sure you have your dinner 2-3 hours before your bed-time.

2. Listen to your body needs and sleep only when you actually feel sleepy.

3. Avoid taking naps during the day. If you are not able to avoid it make sure that you sleep for less than an hour and that too before 3 pm.

4. Follow a daily routine of going to bed and rising. This will enable you to have a regular sleep cycle and you will get a sound sleep.

5. Having a cup of warm milk, listening to soft music and relaxation exercises help in getting a sound sleep.

6. Avoid caffeine before going to bed.

7. Use a good quality pillow and mattress to get a tight sleep.

Getting quality sleep is more important. As a woman your sleep need may vary with age and life milestones. Lack of sleep may result into many medical problems like high blood pressure, weak immune system, heart problems, etc. Take time to relax before going to bed and train your body with regular routine of sleep.


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    • Anjili profile image


      6 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

      I bet the human body will demand to rest when the need arises. There are times when we feel we didn't catch enough sleep. Women should let us know so that we can hear from the horse's mouth. Let Hubpages change the category of the hub.

    • two-b-modern profile image


      6 years ago from Worcester, MA

      I know I was having trouble finding the category I wanted and some how I landed in Tables!! :)

    • profile image

      Emily Sparks 

      6 years ago

      Thanks for the hub, very helpful! One question, why was the hub placed under Home--Home Furnishings--Tables? Just curious! :)


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