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Getting over Sleepless nights

Updated on April 10, 2013

Having something HUGE coming up the next day tends to excite you up making you stay up all night, or at least sleep way off your bed time. This usually ruins the next day as you'll go through it with half sleeping brains. Not cool. So here is some tips to how you can over come this problem and actually manage to have a good night sleep.

  • Bed time:

Do not change your bed time. Your biological clock is used to a certain timing to fall asleep. Going to bed early will just lead to you being over whelmed by thoughts and excitements even more while you're lying in bed, and before you know it, you're way pass your bed time and gradually heading towards insomnia.

  • Keep it tidy:

Keeping your room clean and tidy helps you relax and sleep peacefully rather than seeing papers, notes and books all over the place *If you're having an exam* or suit cases, clothes and stuff scattered around *If you're packing for a trip* .These will just end up exciting you even more.

  • Soothe yourself with a warm drink:

Warm drinks can help you relax and tune down your excitement. Have a cup of warm milk or any herbal tea. Avoid caffeinated drinks or you'll end up sleeping at dawn.

  • A warm bath:

Nothing better than a warm bath to set your body to sleep. The refreshing warm feeling you get automatically calms your brains and body down putting you in a perfect mood to have a long good sleep.
Just don't over sleep.

  • Write it down:

If you're so hyper and excited you're basically losing it, writing things down work like magic. It works like dumpster for your thoughts. Like you're literally emptying your mind and pouring it into that paper. During my finals I used to grab a paper and write down all the chapters I studied well, All the chapters I need to review in the morning before going, how well did I study this subject, what's the possibility of me me actually failing *yes I did that :D* And the things I should do right away as soon as I open my eyes in the morning. It helped me organize things a little bit in my head making it more settled down, hence being able to sleep knowing i got it all sorted out.
Try it, trust me, it works like magic.

  • Temperature:

Make sure your room temperature is set right. Feeling hot in your bed or cool will not help you sleep fast. It can actually keep you awake rolling from side to another for hours and hours. Rather than being lazy or not wanting to waste time, get up and turn on the fan/conditioner or get a blanket. You'll waste way more time if you don't do so.

  • Music:

Personally, when everything fails and I can't just get myself to sleep, I use music. Nothing can calm you better than a soothing soft music and having your thoughts swiped away with it, next thing you know, you're waking up the next day.
Please do not go for rap, rock, metal and so on .. it won't help. I do sleep hile listening to Rap but that's just me. DO NOT DO THIS. You usually wake up with a hammer in your head.

  • Self relaxation:

It's like using your brain to over come itself and your body. Sort of yoga kind of thing yet not exactly like that. Self relaxation depends on your ability to imagine. Just lay on your back, and picture every cell in your body falling sleep while maintaining a deep slow breathing rate, losing the sense of them as they go numb in the state of sleeping. Do it slowly and gradually starting from your legs going up crawling up your body all the way till it reaches your brain and you switched off, simple as that.
This do need one hell of a rich imagination to perform and achieve some results. Practice makes it better.

  • Reading & taking your mind off it:

If you're fond of reading, try grabbing and old book you love and start re-reading it. It will take your mind off what's keeping you busy and will simply relax you into the state of sleeping.

  • Electronics:

Stay away from your laptop, tv, iPad phone, whatever it is, JUST STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Electronics tend to stimulate you even more. Even if you're deadly asleep you can stay up for extra hours by just being on your phone or laptop.
Yes, do not tweet about being sleepless :l

  • Eating:

Avoid eating right before you sleep, have an early dinner.

  • Working out:

Avoid any working out at night as it tends to pump blood around your body and brains making you even more awake taking off any chance you had to fall asleep.
It's even better of early in the morning.

  • And finally, THE happy place:

Just think of your happy place, happy moments, what you're looking forward to the next day, what you wish you'd be doing. As lame as it sounds but it does help and before you know you'll be drifted away in a deep sleep.
Just not that happy, if you know what I mean ;)

And that's it ... sleep tight and good luck to whatever you're up to the next day :))

Did you ever suffer from sleepless nights waiting for a big day?

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