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The most effective way to have a youthful-looking skin

Updated on January 9, 2017

Have you ever noticed how some people look extremely young for their age while others look truly older than they are. Did you know that science has now determined that aging is controlled by your genes by only about 30%. The other two thirds of the aging process are in your hands. What does your diet consist of? Do you do any sports? Do you drink a lot of alcohol and smoke? Do you have a lot of stress, possibly chronic stress? Do you use a lot of chemical-enhanced products?

Did you know that all of the problems I just mentioned above create an abundance of body toxins that you yourself can never metabolize and get rid of. They accumulate and start a vicious domino effect which could start with chronic fatigue, being moody, being unhappy, developing pains, unable to lose weight, digestive problems, heart issues, and much more.

Have you ever heard of the term body detox and do you know what rejuvenating effect it has on the body?

Why A Body Detox?

A body detox is nothing new. And it isn't a trend either. Thousands of years ago people committed to body cleanses to rejuvenate their body by getting rid of old build-up to improve overall health and energy levels.

Did you know that Modern science has linked the cause of premature aging to acidosis. Acidosis happens when the body contains more acids than it can eliminate. These acids attach themselves to tissues such as organs, the walls of the intestine and colon, the arteries, etc. Those body toxins then block important nutrient absorption.

Our daily lifestyle choices have a huge impact on how fast we age. About 95% of the World’s population suffers from acidic waste accumulation.

A body detox can prevent chronic conditions or sometimes even disease by renewing the ability to maintain optimum health. And a rejuvenated body free of toxins is a necessity to start the war against aging. The positive side effects of a body cleanse further include weight loss, the reduction of cellulite, spider veins, fatigue, depression, and a much stronger immune system.

How Does Our Ph Level Affect Aging

Everything we eat and drink has a certain ph level, ranging from 0-14. The lower the number the higher the acidic concentration. Chronic acidity slows down our body because it has to work extra hard to keep our ph level in balance.

Our blood’s ph level is at a constant 7.4. Even a slight deviation would be deadly. Since the Western diets are made up of more acidic than alkaline foods, the body has to work extra hard to neutralize acids to keep the blood’s alkalinity at a constant 7.4. To neutralize these acids, the body needs plenty of alkaline foods (minerals). Because most of us don't follow an alkaline diet, the body uses its own mineral depository from bones, scalp, blood vessels and organs to neutralize acids. Just imagine how that will affect your health and the aging process. As a consequence, cells get deprived of life-essential oxygen and nutrition. They become inactive and will no further reproduce efficiently. And this is how the aging process begins and disease has a chance to develop.

While our wrong dietary choices help us accumulate toxins, there are other outside influences that are guilty contributors as well, such as environmental toxins, lack of exercise or too strenous exercise, chemically-enhanced skin care products, not drinking enough water, medication and most of all stress.

Nutritional Supplements during a body detox

Unfortunately, eating healthy isn't enough anymore. Today's vegetables and fruits are very depleted of important minerals (alkalines). If we don't give our body enough minerals it takes it from bones, scalp, veines, etc. Nutritional supplementation isn't a choice anymore but a must if we want to help our body neutralize toxins, slow down aging and prevent chronic conditions. Especially during a body detox nutritional supplementation is a must. It aids the body in neutralizing acids and promotes the elimination of old build-up.

When choosing a mineral supplement make sure it is as natural as you can get it. Your best choices are pure aloe vera juice, high-grade barley grass or super bluegreen algae. Pure aloe vera juice is one of the most effective cleansing juices and a true miracle plant. You can drink one glass in the morning, one before lunch and one before dinner. Or you may combine it with the barley grass or the super bluegreen algae.

Nutrition for your skin

The skin is your largest organ. What you put on your skin will eventually penetrate into deeper layers. The skin also has a job to do and that is to allow part of the body toxins to be eliminated through the pores of the skin. So before you consider a nice-smelling lotion consider the effects it has on your skin. The cleaner your body the more beautiful your skin.

You can give your skin facials by putting pure organic yoghurt on it. After washing it off protect your skin with pure aloe vera gel. You may even add a few drops of pure and raw honey to your aloe gel. The skin loves honey. If you give your skin a weekly facial and spoil it with aloe vera gel and honey you will soon have an improved skin tone. Now if you couple that with ph-balanced nutrition you won't need much make up as your skin will look extremely healthy and beautiful.

Remember, this is a natural regimen, and the skin needs time to rejuvenate. So don't expect miracles overnight.


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