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Slow-carb dieting and the PAGG stack as designed by Tim Ferriss

Updated on April 23, 2012

Get the PAGG supplement in combined, easy-to-manage form, to kick-start your slow-carb diet success - Now with free shipping worldwide!

UPDATE APRIL 2011 - Now shipping PAGG 2.0 - refined and updated formula - read more details here

The slow-carb diet is getting real sustainable and fast weight loss results the world over, with thousands of people seeing the benefits of cutting out the refined carbohydrates that stall weight loss and destabilise blood sugar levels in the typical modern Western diet. If you are exploring the diet from the Four Hour Body – Tim Ferris point of view however, you will be keen to get the absolute maximum benefit from minimal effort, and may well be considering the PAGG supplement stack to enhance the outcome. If you want a fat burning stack that works, you should investigate this supplement stack, and steer well clear of dangerous drug-based approaches such as the eca stack. So what exactly is the PAGG stack?


Tim Ferriss describes policosanol as the most controversial element of the stack, because its benefits are inconclusively demonstrated across the scientific community. Early Cuban studies looked promising, but as it is a natural substance extracted from beeswax and wheat there is little profit in it, and so few attempts have been made to replicate and prove or disprove these findings. Ferriss was experimenting with it for managing cholesterol, but found a serendipitous side effect in body fat reduction, which he has since replicated.

Although derived from natural plant sources policosanol has blood thinning effects and must never be used in pregnancy/nursing, by children, or anyone with a pre-existing medical condition, nor should 25mg daily dose be exceeded.

Alpha-lipoic Acid (ALA)

Alpha-lipoic Acid  (ALA) is a powerful antioxidant, first recommended by the low-carb-dieting pioneer Dr Atkins.  As well as showing excellent effects for weight loss and fat burning, ALA also appears to have positive effects on blood sugar regulation and might benefit diabetic health-seekers.  It works by restoring levels of intracellular glutathionine, a hormone linked to human aging, so has important implications for cell health and longevity.  ALA also inhibits triglyceride production, which is why it helps prevent the development and storage of body fat.   It has no known health side effects, and is found naturally in certain green vegetables in trace amounts – which is why supplementation is recommended.

Green Tea Flavanols (EGCG)

EGCG is epigallocatechin gallate, a flavanol found in green tea. Like ALA it has demonstrably strong antioxidant effects, which fight cell aging and free radical damage, and has been shown to have similar effects inhibiting fat storage. Again numbers of studies are low, as natural substances have little value compared to patentable synthetics, but interesting results are also coming forward about actual fat cell destruction, which could be the holy grail in preventing rebound weight gain. ‘Super cool and important’, is what Tim Ferriss calls this stuff. NB EGCG does naturally contain caffeine, which is a stimulant – in the corrections galley of Four Hour Body, he recommends omitting it from the final bedtime dose. This correction was clearly issued after a number of supplement producers had started manufacturing and selling their formulas which include this substance in all four doses – if you are sensitive to caffeine and you find it affects your sleep, you may be better off buying the separate supplements and combining your own doses, OR finding a combined stack that uses decaffeinated ECGC just to be on the safe side.

Garlic extract

Garlic is described as “nature’s antibiotic”, and one garlic constituent in particular, allicin, has measurable results in decreasing fat gain. Garlic has also been described as a ‘super food’, that has beneficial anti-cancer properties, heart-strengthening potential, contains powerful antioxidants, and sources of vitamin C and E. Raw garlic is best, but eating it in large quantities can be hard on both your digestion and your social life, so supplementation is a good way forward. You can still cook with it though, garlic makes your slow-carb beans and veggies taste wonderful!

Combined or separate supplements?

Using the links above you can control and plan your PAGG intake personally, and omit the green tea extract at night if it overstimulates you, but rather than take up to 4 separate capsules at every meal many people find a combined supplement easier to manage. You can order the recommended doses with free shipping here, if you prefer this simple and straightforward approach - for me, I know my compliance is better if I keep things straightforward, and for the slow-carb-diet that means tins of beans, cooking in bulk at the weekend, and AGG in one capsule!

Whatever approach you take, good luck with your slow carb weight loss, and achieving your body recomposition aims.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      She doesn't know *^%#~

    • StarCreate profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Spain

      I respectfully disagree. The slow-carb diet does not induce ketosis, does not contain dangerously high protein levels, and I am not fixing to die anytime soon, thanks!

    • cobrien profile image


      7 years ago from Georgia

      The problem is, most low carb diets are high in fat and cholesterol. They also put the body in ketosis, an unnatural state for the liver. I wouldn't recommend a low carb diet for anybody unless they are seriously enough overweight to be on a heart moniter and are fixing to die anyways.


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