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Small Choices, Big Changes

Updated on January 10, 2020
Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah is a writer, healer, and teacher. Her goal is to help people live their best lives every day by sharing her joy and love of life.

Small Choices Create Big Changes


Time For Change

So, you're ready to change your life. Maybe it's time to quit your job. Maybe you are ready to lose all that weight you've been dragging around for years. Perhaps it's time to get out of an unhealthy relationship.

Whatever changes you'd like to see in your life, this article will help you get there, by making small, manageable choices every day. As you begin small shifts in energy, changing your thoughts, your words and your actions, you will notice large changes taking place in your life.

Following are three easy steps to get you started on a path to remarkable life changes.

Creating Lasting Change in Three Easy Steps

First: Decide that you want to change: Change your mind, change your life

Second: Be honest with yourself: What needs to change and what are you willing to give up?

Third: Be consistent with your choices: Each day, choose to be just a little different

Change Your Mind

The first step in creating impactful change is to change your mind. This is the easiest and the hardest part of creating your life. Chances are, you've been telling yourself the same stories, you've been thinking the same thoughts and speaking the same words, you've even been doing the same sorts of things for years.

When you think you are ready to change, you must first change your thoughts. Rather than focus on how much you hate your job and how it sucks the life out of you, begin focusing on what you want from your job. Not necessarily this job, but from your ideal job. Think about what you want, don't focus on what you hate. Where your thoughts go, energy flows.

Continue the mental shift by changing your speaking. Instead of complaining with your friends about your lousy partner, shift your speaking. Talk about what is good in your partner, or talk about what you want to see in a partner. Focus on the positive, eliminate the negative.

When your thoughts and words shift, then you begin to modify your behavior. In this way, changing your mind creates change in your life. When you decide you want to be healthy, and you tell yourself and the people around you that you are making healthy choices, then you create that reality by doing healthy things. You have effectively changed your mind.

Making a mental shift creates space for an energetic shift. Tell a new story and you will see a new life.

A Small Choice Creates a Large Shift


Be Honest With Yourself

Don't make excuses for your behavior or the behavior of others. You are not a victim of your life, nor are you a victim of your choices. You are free to create whatever life you desire.

Be honest. Start by being honest with yourself. You know, deep down, if those comments made by your partner are all in good fun, or if they are abusive, demeaning and hurtful. Be honest about unacceptable circumstances.

If you are okay with your weight, with your job, or whatever, then don't allow someone to bully you into changing. That type of change will not last. If some external factor outside yourself is pushing for change, be honest. Do you really think you need to change something?

If your honest answer is no, nothing should change, then don't feel obligated to change. If, however, you feel that something needs to be different, then first decide what exactly you want to change.

Once you've honestly assessed your own situation, choose a simple path. What is one small thing you could do differently? You don't have to upend your entire life all at once. Chances are, that would be overwhelming.

Instead, make small choices. Be realistic and honest about what you are willing to do and what you are willing to give up. You are stronger and braver than you think you are.

Making small choices begin a massive energetic shift. When you begin moving in the direction of your dreams, the Universe conspires to support you in your decision. Small choice, big change. Let the Universe assist you.

Small Choices Done Consistently


Start Small and Be Consistent

Once you've decided to make a change, and you are honest with yourself about what you are willing to give up, or what needs changed, it is time to begin making those small, daily choices.

It's tempting to want to upheave your entire life, throw everything away and start over from scratch. While this creates an immediate change, it likely won't be long lasting.

Such sudden change is shocking and hard to manage. A more effective approach is to begin making small, consistent changes.

Perhaps at the beginning of the week, you commit to eating a healthy breakfast every day. Or you decide to begin drinking more water. Maybe you decide to break up with social media by only checking your accounts once a day, for a set amount of time.

After that first week, evaluate your progress. Did you practice your new habit consistently? What challenges made progress difficult? What was easy? If your new habit was successful, keep it up! If your change was too challenging, modify it and begin again. Try to consistently practice your new choices every day for a month.

It's exciting and invigorating to see life change, and you might feel ready to start changing up all sorts of things in your life. Go slowly. You have the rest of your life to create who and what you truly are.

Let your small choices in each moment be a reflection of the greatest version of yourself. And in those moments when you mess up, when you eat a second piece of cake, or say something unkind, or allow yourself to be used, start over. In the next moment, begin again.

Lasting change happens over time. There is no need to rush or hurry or worry. Change your mind. Be honest with yourself. Choose small, manageable goals. Repeat daily.

Remember the truth of who you truly are. You are an amazing, unique, beautiful creation, and you are more than enough. Choose to celebrate your truth and goodness. Create the beautiful life that reflects your beautiful soul.



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