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When Sex Hormones Fluctuate With Little Reasons

Updated on July 6, 2020
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I am a certified medical doctor and medical writer from the UK. I love to share knowledge and promote awareness to all my readers.

Are you worried about the sudden change in the menstrual cycle or having acute acne or sudden depression without any reason?. You may need to check if your hormones are working well.
This article will answer you what probably could get wrong with your hormone causing those symptoms. We will discuss some most important and never noticed points behind a female hormonal imbalance in the light of the latest medical and scientific researches.

Female's Reproductive Hormones.
Female's Reproductive Hormones. | Source

Small Reasons;Big Impact

Female hormones are as complex as her mind; and as delicate as her soul. Where estrogen brings glowy skin, radiant hairs, a sparkle in her mood, and energy, a small( even in nano millimeters) change in its concentration does the opposite.

Similarly, some hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, are mainly functional in women, and testosterone in men (although small concentrations of each of these hormones are present in both sexes).

But, if testosterone level gets high in a female, it brings male characteristics in her, and if the estrogen level goes up in a male, it develops gynecomastia(male breast). Factors such as age, stress, chronic disease, and exercise affect sex hormones which in turn suspend the normal body processes.

This article will highlight how small and never noticed changes in our life could bring a massive change in the body through hormones.

What are hormones?

Hormones are chemicals that are produced by the endocrine glands. These chemicals carry information, flowing through the bloodstream, to various cells and help them to function well. Hormones control merely all the organ systems of the body.

They regulate our sleep, metabolism, appetite, libido, fertility, and so on. In short, they control everything from growth to metabolism. Therefore, a small disruption in it brings big health problems.

There are 50 different kinds of hormones, and disturbance of any of these produces a variety of symptoms that are specific. For instance, less melanin production in the body disturbs sleep patterns. High levels of androgen causes male-type hair growth in females, acne, and menstrual irregularities.

Major Causes of Hormone Fluctuations


Sex hormones go up and down at the extreme of ages, when a female body enters puberty and when she loses reproductive ability at menopause.

Hormones alter when the reproductive system gear up to activate. Puberty is one of the main events in the early years of an adolescent girl. It makes her viable for producing offsprings by producing an egg in each monthly cycle. During this time, a girl could suffer acne, irregular periods, and mood swings. But, it is normal, as the body is making a transition from a small girl to a young and fertile lady.

Menopause happens when a woman, in her late 40's and early 50's age, stops getting menses for 12 months. Hormonal deficit near menopause occurs when ovaries fail to release more eggs, resulting in infertility. It is frustrating for a woman to lose her ability to reproduce. Besides, there would be no more estrogen to keep her youthful. Further, It makes her suffer depression, aging, loose, dry and itchy vagina, loss of libido.

Hormone, Extreme Ages, and Adervse Outcomes

In today's world, women making their careers delays parenthood. Therefore, a study conducted to see how many times a woman gets pregnant in her old age before menopause, and its results were striking. It sums up that, fertility becomes disturbed even before menstrual disturbance commence due to the abrupt functioning of the egg. Additionally, uterus changes in old ages decrease implantation and rise the chances of abortion.

Studies also show in vitro fertile(test tube baby) techniques success rate gets lower at age 35 to 40.

At both extreme ages, pregnancy outcomes are poorer if it happens, and it brings various challenges for the mother and fetus. Where age-related diseases and impaired hormonal support in older women dangered the fetus, immaturity, and adverse financial situations problems the young age pregnancy.
Also, very young and old age pregnancies have a co-relation with the birth weight of the baby(preterm and low birth weight babies) overall health and higher mortality rate in babies.



Physical activity or exertion is essential for fitness, but anything on extremes creates problems. Where physical inactivity results in obesity and worse health problems, intense work out fluctuates hormones.

Exhausting exercise habits develop energy-saving and boosting strategies to keep pace with demand while exercising. Subsequently, during these adjustments, it alters hormones, which could delay puberty, reducing or lengthening the duration between the monthly menstrual cycle, or even stop this process.

Also, the study shows that thyroid functions become disturbed with exercise, and their concentration in the body decreases that also affects the body.

Excessive workout
Excessive workout | Source

Starving Mal-Nourished Body

Females are usually concern and conscious of their looks. Starving to achieve zero figure develops malnourishment. Anorexia nervosa mainly affects females, is a condition in which patients afraid to eat and drink food-and starve so that they won't gain weight. This psychological condition hits young age groups. Both of its nutritional and psychological results adversely affect the hormonal- brain relationship in the reproductive system. Not only this, but low nutrition also threatens mothers life and baby's birth weight
Taking fewer calories sets the body to save more energy and spend less. This attitude negatively affects the hormones of their body(thyroid, growth, and sex hormones).

Weight loss affects hormones when the body depletes off 10 to 15% of its total weight


It is another key factor behind the hormonal disturbance. When women take tension more than the threshold, glucocorticoids releases in the response of stress, and inhibit hormones from pituitary glands and progesterone and estrogen from the ovary. Also, it desensitizes those cells which are targeted by these hormones.

Due to stress, women suffer amenorrhea(no periods)or dysmenorrhea(painful periods)oligomenorrhea(fewer periods). Medical science believes it as a protective body mechanism to avoid pregnancy for the safety of the mother and the baby.
Similarly, glucocorticoid release as a result of stress disturbs sperm production in males. It lowers testosterone by affecting its synthesis.

Killing Stress
Killing Stress | Source

Long-Standing Disease

When both male and female strike a chronic disease such as liver disease, stomach disease, thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, severe infections(such as severe pneumonia), they also suffer from either permanent or temporary impairment of reproductive system. Many underlying factors lead to this dysfunction, for instance, medicines, nutrition, mental health, physical health at that time.
Similarly, if the body has suffered from an acute health event such as heart attack, surgery, and trauma, it disturbs reproductive abilities and hormones, but it causes short term dysfunction.


Hormonal imbalance affects females more than males because her body and hormones work differently. Where both genders experience puberty, females undergo more complex events such as pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and menopause. Such life events itself fluctuate hormonal patterns, and if her hormones get disturbed, these life events are massively disturbed.

Hormonal imbalance in a minute concentration can potentially reverse the entire physiologic process(normal process) inside the body. However, it is treatable, and it takes time to settle and revive the normal levels. Thorough physical and medical examination along with blood and other baseline investigations are vital for definitive diagnosis and treatment.


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