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Smile to Lose Weight

Updated on October 22, 2012

Many of you might already observe that tons of diet plans, supplements, and weight loss tips are scattered in almost every part of the internet today. Having numerous options for this matter may have its benefits but we can’t deny the fact that it causes a lot of confusions. Which one of these weight loss products or procedures actually works? Why do some people fail despite following a proven effective program to lose weight?

A stressed out cat.
A stressed out cat. | Source

Stress as the fuel of weight gain

Studies show that stress if not managed accordingly can bring upon weight gain. The most alarming part is that weight gained from stress often manifest in the mid-section making it very hard to get rid of later on. It’s never easy to deal with stress at it can come from numerous sources. A new work environment, a recent breakup, and even excessive exercise can set forth tons of stress. Yes! You are not reading it wrong. Even exercise can cause stress and eventually weight gain if done abusively.

Cortisol: The Agent of Stress

Stress itself can’t do anything. He has an accomplice having the name Cortisol. This is a hormone released by our endocrine system if we are exposed to stress. Unlike other beneficial hormones that are circulated in our system, Cortisol is one of the few that causes negative effects as it decreases bone formation, impair our immune system, and encourage weight gain. It’s not surprising why many who knows about this hormone are wondering why such destructive enzyme exists on our body in the first place. Aside from increasing our weight, excessive stress can also lead us to suffer from serious psychological problems if we don’t do something about it.

A laughing cat.
A laughing cat.

Our best weapon against stress and weight gain


Happiness is a choice! Start your day by smiling and thanking our Creator for all the blessings He showered upon you and your family. There are tons in life worth smiling about so as much as possible avoid that frowning face. No food supplements or diet pills can equal the benefits that laughter can introduce.

Forget about buying the most expensive and infamous diet program since all you need to do is smile to lose weight! Enjoy every day as life doesn’t come with a rewind button. Learn to be happy even from the simplest reasons and you’ll eventually lose weight without even noticing it.

Join a sports club, bike with your family during weekends, conquer a mountain, make new friends, play with your pet every morning, participate in school activities, start a new outdoor hobby. These are just a few fun activities that can help you enjoy life even more while losing weight in the process. Stop worrying about school, family, relationship, or work problems since it won’t help you come up with a solution. Relax and think about it positively. Always remember that even the most complicated problem has a predetermined solution and the only thing left for you to do is figuring it out. The next time you get caught in a stressful situation, visit the nearest beach or find ways to relax and you’ll discover how problem solving can be easier with a clearer mind. Don’t let stress ruin your figure and your life! Fight it!


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