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Six Steps for How to Quit Smoking — Easy Tips to Get Rid of Tobacco Addiction

Updated on May 21, 2020
Venkatachari M profile image

Venkat passed through lots of ups and downs in life with frequent health issues of family members, gained much experience in tackling them.

Smoking is Hazardous to Life

You are smoking stylishly. But do not realize how killing it is.
You are smoking stylishly. But do not realize how killing it is. | Source

It is Never Too Late

You must appreciate that it is never too late for quitting tobacco or smoking habits. Even though it is better to start at the earliest stage possible, you can still leave this unhealthy habit as soon as you may realize the negative effects of it and the need to get rid of it.

Need for This Article on Quitting Tobacco

As my son himself is a great smoker, I am much worried about his deteriorating health and keep on advising him and updating him with all those tips available on the internet to stop him from smoking and quit this dangerous habit.

My son had two reasons to fall prey to this unhealthy habit as confessed by him. He was deceived by his friends in his early twenties while running a computer school. The second reason was that his mother was mentally disturbed and was always in hallucinations which resulted in a fear complex and the dis-balancing of his mind. Thereafter, he was deprived of his mother in his late 30's. Even though he was able to recover from the first blow, he was unable to recover from the shock of his mother's death with whom he often used to have some misunderstandings and quarrels.

As I am much worried about his damaging health, I keep on encouraging him with some positive talks and keep on advising him to leave this unhealthy and dangerous habit. I try to be friendly and supportive to him in all respects.

That's why I have devised this informative article for his knowledge and also for the use of all others concerned. This article is the result of a good amount of research from available websites. You are advised to use the information provided in this article in your own way after consulting your Psychiatrists.

Hazards of Smoking

Health problems caused by your smoking habit
Health problems caused by your smoking habit | Source

Six Steps to Quit Smoking

  1. Consider the Benefits and plus points of quitting.
  2. Manage your Cravings for cigarette smoking.
  3. Prepare a Time-Table for the quitting process.
  4. Take the help of your Friends and Family members.
  5. Join some Self-Help Groups to quit smoking.
  6. Register with some Online-Support website.

I am explaining each step more clearly in the following paragraphs so that you can understand how to do it.

Success Mantra for Quitting Tobacco

The secret to getting rid of this smoking habit or tobacco addiction is to keep yourself Joyful and Engaged in Life.

Consider the Benefits and Plus-Points

First of all, you need to make the decision for quitting smoking. For this purpose, you can consider some of those benefits and plus-points of quitting this unhealthy habit.

What are the plus-points of quitting?

  1. Your health will improve. You will be freed from heart concerns, lung problems, bad teeth, etc.
  2. You will get rid of the bad smell and people will not be afraid of coming close to you.
  3. Your family members and friends will love you more.
  4. Your finances are saved.
  5. And, the most important factor is that you become more self-confident and will be experiencing a feeling of utmost satisfaction.

Manage Your Impulses and Cravings

So, when you decide to quit your smoking habit, it may not be that easy for you. The cigarettes will be constantly calling you to grab them in your hands and put them into your mouth. It will be very difficult to restrict your craving.

You need to be very hard and determined to overcome that craving. Think of those hazardous outcomes of this dangerous habit and decide to quit it entirely.

Some of these tips can help you get distracted from that instinct to smoke.

  • Immediately move from your present place to a public place where smoking is prohibited.
  • Indulge in a conversation with your friends or family members to get distracted.
  • Think of your family members and the loved ones whose health may also get deteriorated due to your habit as it is an established fact that second-hand smokers including the unborn babies in the womb of pregnant women are also prone to all those dangers of smoking.
  • Start chatting with a friend or engage on social media sites to entertain yourself.
  • Try to postpone your craving to nullify it.
  • Indulge in meditation and exercises.
  • Go to clubs or libraries in your location.
  • Develop friendships and spend most of the time with them to avoid smoking.
  • Put some toffee or chewing gum in your mouth to keep your mouth engaged.

Prepare Your Time-Table

When you make up your mind to quit, you need to plan a workable schedule for the quitting process.

You can take the help of a Doctor or even the help of your best friend to chalk out the program.

You need to do it step-by-step.

If you are presently smoking 10 cigarettes (or tobacco), you need to bring it down to 8 or 6 for some days. Then, gradually reduce it to 5, 4, 3, 2, and finally quit entirely That way, you can plan the entire process and be free of tobacco addiction within 2, 3 months.

Plan your quitting smoking schedule
Plan your quitting smoking schedule | Source

Tips for Reducing Your Rounds of Tobacco

Your own family is the best place to look for help and relief.

Spend most of your time with the family members.

Indulge in games and hobbies with your siblings/ spouse/children.

Help your children or siblings by guiding them in their homework or studies.

Seek Help From Friends or Family Members

You should open up your mind and let them know that you are trying to quit the habit and frankly seek their help and support during this entire process.

Select some best friends who care for your health and happiness. Speak out to them all the problems that lead you to this bad habit and earnestly seek their support. Tell them that you need their love and help in spite of any rude behavior they may face from you during that process. Always be reachable to them and spend your most time with them.

Enroll With Self-Help Groups | Form Your Own Self-Help Group

You can join some self-help groups active in your area so that you may get some support and help from them in overcoming the challenges and risks during the process of quitting your unhealthy habits.

You can feel more confident in their company and achieve the goal more easily as you are able to interact with each other having the same problems and find fruitful solutions to the problem.

If you do not find any active group in your locality, you can form your own group with some of your friends and locals who are also willing to quit this habit. You can occasionally take help from some experienced Medical Professional also during the process to implement your project successfully.

Get Support From Online Medical-Health Websites

Besides having the support and help from your friends and family members, you can also register with an online support website for professional help. Keep in contact with them during the entire process of quitting the smoking habit.

These websites provide you with all the necessary tips and the kit needed for your quitting exercise. They may advise you to take some alternative medicines also like nicotine tablets or patches to manage your stress during the process. But, you should follow their prescriptions and the rules very strictly to come out successful.

I am providing the links to two of these websites which I have found very beneficial for my son's case.

For people in the USA, The American Lung Association is very suitable to be in constant touch with them.

For Indians, the suitable government website is Quit Tobacco - National Health Portal.

These websites provide both free help and the paid services also.

First of all, why smoke at all?

See results

Important Tips to Consider While Quitting Smoking

  • Always remember that you are not alone. There can be many people wanting to help you.
  • You need to be cooperative while taking their help and support. Your dear ones always understand your problems and try to be soft towards you. But, you should listen to their advice and try to implement it as far as possible.
  • You can explain your problems clearly so that you can make them understand and come out with some workable solutions. It may not be possible without opening up your mind.
  • Avoid discouraging people and move closely only with those people that you can trust in.
  • Avoid tense situations and keep away all disturbing elements.
  • Always try to be in some company, whether it is your family members or friends.
  • Go to public places frequently like a library, sports club, gym, movie, church, temple, etc. to enjoy relief and comfort from all tensions.
  • Be approachable to your friends and family members under any circumstances.
  • Listen to them before you proceed with your points. Try to understand their points and clear your own doubts also at the same time in a cool manner.
  • Never feel ashamed to get help from people who offer it with love and care for you.
  • One thing more you can do is to be helping other people around you in your own way. This will strengthen your relationships and you can improve your image. Thereby you can experience some great satisfaction and gain self-respect that paves way for your tense-free life.
  • Remember that maintaining a joyful atmosphere is more important while quitting smoking.

The Video on How to Quit Smoking

Below is a video with some good illustrations of the inhibitions that you are experiencing and the strategies to overcome those inhibitions with self-determination and willpower applying some workable solutions. It shows how you are gradually oriented towards success in the quitting of this smoking habit and thus saving your life.

How to Quit Smoking Through Willpower and Strategies


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